Peppercat Legislators

Members of national parliaments from around the world, as present in Wikidata.

Peppercat Legislators collects membership information about national-level legislatures from Wikidata. This dataset attempts to replicate the contents of EveryPolitician based on the information uploaded to Wikidata. In the future, the crawlers that have previously been used to build EveryPolitician will be replaced by ones that will update Wikidata to reflect the information presented on national parliamentary web sites.

Data overview

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Peppercat is a community project with the goal of making sure that information about politicians in Wikidata is always up-to-date. They maintain a fleet of hundreds of scrapers that compare official web sites against the Wikidata database.

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Fatima PaymanPersonAustralia
Ralph BabetPersonAustralia · Mauritius
Clem TillionPersonUnited States
Joe McGillPersonUnited States
James J. HurleyPersonUnited States
Mike BradnerPersonUnited States
John SackettPersonUnited States
Serge KayembePersonCongo - Kinshasa
John RaderPersonUnited States
Martin B. MoorePersonUnited States
Shaista GohirPersonUnited Kingdom
Glenn HackneyPersonUnited States
Céline BlomPersonNetherlands
Edna DeVriesPersonUnited States
Charles G. AndersonPersonUnited States
Margaret BransonPersonUnited States
Richard ShultzPersonUnited States
Virginia CollinsPersonUnited States
William AkersPersonUnited States
Richard UrionPersonUnited States
Anthony VaskaPersonUnited States
Al VezeyPersonUnited States
Pearse WalshPersonUnited States
William WaugamanPersonUnited States
Jack WeisePersonUnited States