Job: Data and Solutions Engineer (d/w/m)

We're looking for a data engineer with customer-facing responsibilities.

Update Jan 4, 2023: We've received an overwhelming number of applications for this posting. Applications are now closed.

OpenSanctions helps to keep people and companies accountable for their political and economic actions. We build a database that tracks a wide range of entities in the public interest: sanctioned companies, politicians, fraudsters and criminals. Originally built to support anti-corruption journalists, OpenSanctions has also become a powerful tool used for customer screening, legal compliance and in-depth investigative analysis.

We take pride in providing a high quality dataset to the public and to our subscribers. Based on an open source data pipeline and providing public search for everybody, we bring transparency and a (relative) lack of bullshit to the compliance/sanctions world.

After bootstrapping OpenSanctions into a sustainable small business, we’re now looking for a third technical team member. Together with our small team, you’ll work on our whole product. You will also interact with our customers to help them understand and utilise the product, and to learn more about their needs and challenges.

In this role you will:

  • Build and maintain a data pipeline that consolidates information from public sources into a high-quality dataset.
    • Improve our techniques for record linkage, tracking changes and data lineage, geocoding of locations, etc.
    • Think up and implement advanced data quality assurance mechanisms.
    • Build additional crawlers for relevant data sources.
  • Work with customers to help them adopt our product for their use cases and answer technical questions about the product.
  • Help to improve and automate the end-to-end technical implementation of our business (from data crawlers to our SaaS API and customer onboarding).
  • Write and maintain documentation for our products.
  • Work with open source contributors to our core technologies, and contribute to the open source projects we use.

Our stack:

We don’t expect you to be an expert at all/any of this. It would be good if you have some experience doing Python-based data wrangling.

  • Data tools: Python 3 (w/ types), SQLAlchemy, FastAPI
  • Storage: PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, JSON in buckets
  • Web frontend: TypeScript, NextJS
  • Operations: Github Actions, Terraform, Kubernetes, GCP
  • Humans: Communicate in English (required), German (very optional)

You can browse our full data pipeline on GitHub.


  • Ability to understand one or more non-latin alphabets (e.g.: Cyrillic, Arabic, Farsi, Burmese)
  • Experience in technical writing and working with tech-savy customers.
  • Experience in fintech/regtech/compliance space.

The deal:

  • Flexible working hours and unbureaucratic work environment.
  • We’re building a small business, not a grind-you-to-the-bones startup.
  • We’re developing a really cool product that is getting adopted rapidly.
  • Home office, remote work, or co-working location in Berlin (Wedding). We will consider applications from within three time zones of Europe.
  • Employment under German law for residents (ca. EUR 70k/pa), or freelance contract if outside Germany.

Update Jan 4, 2023: We've received an overwhelming number of applications for this posting. Applications are now closed. Contact:

We plan to set up a company that isn’t just a bunch of dudes, and encourage applications from people of all ethnicities, ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Got more questions? Join the Slack chat to ask questions and get support. Or contact us directly to get in touch with our team.