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Spain, or the Kingdom of Spain, is a country located in Southwestern Europe, with parts of its territory in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean Sea and in Africa. It is the largest country in Southern Europe and the fourth-most populous European Union member state.
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Our standard dataset contains 7,752 entities connected with Spain. This may include sanctioned entities, politically-exposed persons (PEPs), and their close associates, or entities involved in criminal activity.

Data sources

We are currently not including any data published by authorities or organizations based in Spain. See our global list of data sources and our criteria for selecting datasets.

Politically-exposed persons (PEPs)

Our database contains 5,198 entities identified as PEPs connected with Spain.

National government positions

Number of known occupants
Head of state or governmentCurrentEndedStatus unclear
President of the Government of Spain (prime minister-equivalent)1--
Vice President1--
National executive branchesCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Minister for Consumer Affairs-1-
Minister for Inclusion, Social Security and Migration11-
Minister for the Economy and Digital Transformation-1-
Minister for Universities-2-
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, & Food1--
Minister of Culture1--
Minister of Culture and Sport-4-
Minister of Defense1--
Minister of Digital Transformation1--
Minister of Ecological Transition & Demographic Challenge1--
Minister of Economy, Trade, & Business1--
Minister of Education and Vocational Training-11
Minister of Education, Vocational Training, & Sports1--
Minister of Equality12-
Minister of Finance & Civil Service1--
Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU, & Cooperation1--
Minister of Health131
Minister of Housing & Urban Agenda1--
Minister of Industry & Tourism1--
Minister of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism-1-
Minister of Interior1--
Minister of Justice-9-
Minister of Labor & Social Economy1--
Minister of Science, Innovation, & Universities1--
Minister of Social Rights, Consumer Affairs, & Agenda 20301--
Minister of Territorial Policy & Democratic Memory1--
Minister of the Presidency-5-
Minister of the Presidency, Justice, & Relations With the Parliament1--
Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda-2-
Minister of Transportation & Sustainable Mobility1--
Minister of Treasury & Public Function1--
National legislative branchCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Member of the Congreso de los Diputados-615-
National judicial branchCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Spain-822
president of the Supreme Court of Spain-33
Central banking and financial integrityCurrentEndedStatus unclear
President of the Court of Auditors--3
subgobernador del Banco de España-15
Diplomatic rolesCurrentEndedStatus unclear
ambassador of Angola to Spain-11
ambassador of Argentina to Spain--6
ambassador of Chile to Spain--2
ambassador of France to Spain-51
ambassador of Germany to Spain-51
ambassador of Hungary to Spain-3-
ambassador of India to Spain-11
ambassador of Ireland to Spain--1
ambassador of Israel to Spain-14
ambassador of Luxembourg to Spain--1
Ambassador of Malaysia to Spain-1-
ambassador of Portugal to Spain--1
ambassador of Qatar to Spain--1
Ambassador of Spain in Mozambique-1-
ambassador of Spain in Serbia-42
Ambassador of Spain in the People's Republic of China-51
Ambassador of Spain to Afghanistan-5-
ambassador of Spain to Albania-61
ambassador of Spain to Algeria-41
ambassador of Spain to Andorra-41
Ambassador of Spain to Antigua and Barbuda-2-
ambassador of Spain to Argentina-6-
ambassador of Spain to Armenia-51
ambassador of Spain to Australia-41
ambassador of Spain to Austria-62
Ambassador of Spain to Azerbaijan-6-
Ambassador of Spain to Bahrain-31
ambassador of Spain to Bangladesh-42
ambassador of Spain to Belarus-5-
ambassador of Spain to Belgium-61
ambassador of Spain to Belize-5-
Ambassador of Spain to Bhutan-21
ambassador of Spain to Bolivia-5-
ambassador of Spain to Bosnia and Herzegovina-6-
ambassador of Spain to Brazil-51
ambassador of Spain to Bulgaria-52
Ambassador of Spain to Cambodia-3-
ambassador of Spain to Canada-41
ambassador of Spain to Chad-31
ambassador of Spain to Chile-61
ambassador of Spain to Colombia-61
ambassador of Spain to Costa Rica-21
ambassador of Spain to Cuba-61
ambassador of Spain to Cyprus-51
ambassador of Spain to Denmark-51
ambassador of Spain to Ecuador-21
Ambassador of Spain to El Salvador-51
ambassador of Spain to Equatorial Guinea-61
Ambassador of Spain to Estonia-41
ambassador of Spain to Ethiopia-31
ambassador of Spain to Fiji-5-
ambassador of Spain to Finland-51
ambassador of Spain to France-41
ambassador of Spain to Georgia-6-
ambassador of Spain to Germany-5-
ambassador of Spain to Greece-31
ambassador of Spain to Guatemala-51
ambassador of Spain to Guinea-11
ambassador of Spain to Haiti-41
ambassador of Spain to Honduras-4-
ambassador of Spain to Hungary-51
ambassador of Spain to Iceland-31
ambassador of Spain to Indonesia-51
ambassador of Spain to Iran-6-
ambassador of Spain to Iraq-2-
ambassador of Spain to Ireland-51
Ambassador of Spain to Israel-21
ambassador of Spain to Italy-61
ambassador of Spain to Jamaica-31
ambassador of Spain to Japan-51
ambassador of Spain to Jordan-32
ambassador of Spain to Kazakhstan-51
ambassador of Spain to Kenya-31
ambassador of Spain to Korea-1-
Ambassador of Spain to Kuwait-31
Ambassador of Spain to Kyrgyzstan-51
Ambassador of Spain to Laos-4-
ambassador of Spain to Latvia-51
ambassador of Spain to Lebanon-21
ambassador of Spain to Libya-42
ambassador of Spain to Liechtenstein-4-
ambassador of Spain to Lithuania-51
ambassador of Spain to Luxembourg-3-
Ambassador of Spain to Malaysia-21
ambassador of Spain to Mali-61
ambassador of Spain to Malta-81
ambassador of Spain to Mauritania-21
ambassador of Spain to Mexico-51
ambassador of Spain to Moldova-41
ambassador of Spain to Mongolia-41
ambassador of Spain to Morocco-31
Ambassador of Spain to Nepal-21
Ambassador of Spain to New Zealand-7-
ambassador of Spain to Nicaragua-51
ambassador of Spain to Niger-5-
ambassador of Spain to North Macedonia-31
ambassador of Spain to Norway-41
ambassador of Spain to Oman-31
Ambassador of Spain to Pakistan-51
ambassador of Spain to Palau-41

Subnational government positions

Number of known occupants
Subnational legislative branchCurrentEndedStatus unclear
diputado del parlamento vasco en la primera legislatura--17
Diputado foral de Álava-21
diputado provincial de Albacete--1
diputado provincial de Alicante-22
diputado provincial de Alicante--4
diputado provincial de Castellón--5
diputado provincial de Guadalajara--5
diputado provincial de Jaén--5
diputado provincial de Pontevedra--1
diputado provincial de Sevilla--1
diputado provincial de Tarragona-211
diputado provincial de Toledo--7
diputado provincial de Ávila--2
Senador designado por el Parlamento de las Islas Baleares-1-

Other positions

Number of known occupants
PositionCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Member of the Congress of Deputies-1,35442
member of the Senate of Spain-244328
Member of the Parliament of Catalonia-170141
member of the Assembly of Madrid-137113
member of the Corts Valencianes-65126
Member of the Cortes of Castile and León-13234
deputy of the Basque Parliament-8743
Barcelona provincial deputy-10424
member of the Parliament of Galicia-493
Member of the Parliament of Navarre-816
Member of the Parliament of Andalusia-581
Provincial Deputy of Girona-3531
Member of the Parliament of the Balearic Islands-2231
Member of the Assembly of Extremadura--47
Member of the Cortes of Aragon--40
Deputy of the Parliament of La Rioja--34
Member of the Parliament of Castile-La Mancha-133
Member of the Parliament of the Canary Islands-131
deputy in the Regional Assembly of Murcia-130
member of the Parliament of Cantabria-130
member of the General Junta of the Principality of Asturias-318
Permanent Representative of Spain to the United Nations-75
Member of the Board of the Public Audit Office for Catalonia-55
Attorney-General of Spain-81
Director-General of the Civil Guard-81
President of the Parliament of Andalusia--9
secretary of state of Spain-54
Councilor of the Council for Statutory Guarantees of Catalonia-17
insular counselor of Mallorca-62
Regional Minister of the Government of Catalonia--8
Secretary of State for Security-26
Spokesperson of the Government of Spain-71
deputy of Valencia province-34
Minister of Justice-7-
minister of the Generalitat Valenciana--7
President of La Rioja-25
Provincial Deputy-16
Secretary of State for Defence-7-
Secretary of State of Communications in Spain-52
chairman of the joint commission for the European Union-33
Chief of Staff of the Army-51
Delegado del Gobierno en Galicia-24
President of the Congress of Deputies-51
President of the Parliament of Catalonia-51
president of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza--6
President of the Spanish Senate-51
presidente de la Diputación Provincial de Málaga--6
secretario general de Ciudadanos-51
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs-51
Secretary of State for Justice-42
Deputy Prime Minister of Spain-32
Minister of Development of Spain-5-
Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality-5-
Permanent representative of Spain to the European Union-32
President of Diputació de Lleida-14
President of the Parliament of Cantabria--5
President of the Parliament of Navarre-14
President of the Provincial Council of La Coruña--5
president of the State Council-32
presidente de la Diputación Provincial de Orense--5
Second Deputy Prime Minister-5-
secretario general del Deporte-41
Spanish Ombudsman-23
Defence Minister of Spain-4-
Government representative in the Basque Autonomous Community-22
Governor, Bank of Spain13-
Minister for Territorial Policy-4-
Minister of Culture of Spain-31
Minister of Governance and Public Administration-4-
Minister of Industry, Energy, and Tourism-4-
minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security-31
Minister of the Interior of Spain-31
presidente de la Diputación Provincial de Castellón-22
presidente de la Diputación Provincial de Lugo--4
presidente de la Diputación Provincial de Valencia-13
Second Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia-31
secretario general de Interior-31
secretario general de la Presidencia-31
subsecretario de Asuntos Exteriores y de Cooperación-4-
Third Secretary of the Parliament of Catalonia-31
apostolic Nuncio to Spain-21
Board of the Parliament of Catalonia--3
Council spokesman-21
delegate of the Government of Spain in Aragon-21
First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Catalonia-21
Fourth Secretary of the Parliament of Catalonia-21
Leader of the Opposition in Catalonia-21
Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation-21
Minister of Economy and Treasury of Catalonia-21
Minister of Education of Catalonia-21
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain-3-
Minister of Health of Catalonia-21
Minister of Home Affairs-21
Minister of the Environment-3-
Minister of the Presidency of the Government of Catalonia-21
President of Navarre-12
President of the Balearic Islands-21
President of the Balearic Islands Parliament-21
president of the Corts Valencianes-12
President of the Island Council of Mallorca-21

What do these numbers mean?

We keep track both if political positions and the individuals who occupy those positions over time. Of course, a person can hold a position for multiple terms, and multiple people can occupy the same position at the same time (e.g. members of parliament).

If a person previously held a position, and currently holds the same position, they are only counted once and recorded under Current. If it is unclear from the source whether they have left the position, they will be counted under Unclear.

How can status be unclear?

Some of the data sources we rely on indicate both past and present holders of political offices. In those cases, a lack of a precise end date for a person's occupancy of a position can mean that we don't know whether they currently hold the position or not. Read more...