Licensing OpenSanctions

Our objective is to continually release high-quality persons of interest data as a resource for business and civil society. In order to make this sustainable, we're asking for-profit users to support the project and obtain a license.

Sanctions bulk data
26,363 targets

Consolidated sanctions and crime data (updated daily). License covers any in-house use of the data, and as an embedded resource in products and services sold to third parties.

Sanctions and PEPs data
215,768 targets

Consolidated sanctions and crime bulk data, plus politically exposed persons (PEP) lists generated by the Peppercat project (World Leaders and Legislators).

Flat-rate API usage
300,000 req/mo

Service contract for the use of to conduct automated entity lookups and multi-attribute matching. Includes 300,000 requests per month.

Not ideal for you? OpenSanctions provides licensing exemptions for journalists and activists. And beyond that, we're committed to make this data available to everyone. If the licensing is stopping you from using OpenSanctions, contact us and we'll fix it.

Got more questions? Check out the Commercial use FAQ