Licensing OpenSanctions

Our data is freely available for non-commercial use, while business re-users are required to obtain a license to support the maintenance of the database and services.

Our objective is to continually release high-quality sanctions and persons of interest data as a resource for civil society and business. In order to make this sustainable over time, we've decided to use a dual licensing scheme, based on the terms of Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution NonCommercial. This means that anyone can use OpenSanctions data for non-commercial use, as long as they give credit to this project.

We encourage companies to use OpenSanctions data in a commercial context. If you intend to do so, please contact us at to discuss the terms of obtaining a license. Licenses will be priced competitively, as they are only meant to cover the cost of running and maintaining the project.

License exceptions (journalism, advocacy)

Beyond the definition of non-commercial use provided by Creative Commons, we also grant a zero-cost license to the groups listed below. They are entitled to use the data pursuant to the terms of CC BY 4.0, but not to undertake any commercial redistribution of the data in bulk or in large parts.

  • Any person, group or organisation whose primary aim is the production of public-interest reporting, such as broadcast or newspaper media, or groups that meet the GIJN membership criteria.

  • Public interest groups working to to advance human rights or the promotion of democratic governance.

We further reserve the right to issue zero-cost licenses to other individuals and groups. Please contact us if you'd like to use OpenSanctions but see the required licensing as a hindrance in doing so.