Licensing OpenSanctions

We provide a fully auditable, high-quality database for open source intelligence. This includes carefully cleaned and de-duplicated entities that are subject to manual review. The use of this data for any business purposes requires a licensing agreement.

Internal use bulk data
595 €/mo

Use the OpenSanctions dataset for internal applications (e.g. the self-hosted API), such as screening.

  • Ideal for in-house screening and data analysis
  • Full dataset: Sanctions, PEPs and criminal watchlists
  • Updated daily

Excludes transaction monitoring in payment services.

Reseller/OEM bulk data

Use OpenSanctions to provide products and solutions to third parties, or to include our graph in your own data products.

  • Ideal for building APIs, software solutions and data products
  • Full dataset: Sanctions, PEPs and criminal watchlists
  • Flat-rate prices for large volume data use
  • Updated daily
OpenSanctions API
0.10 €/req

Easily integrate up-to-date sanctions and PEPs data into your screening or research processes with our powerful matching and search APIs.

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
  • Search within the full dataset
  • Easy-to-integrate list checking
  • Powerful matching system

Not ideal for you? OpenSanctions provides licensing exemptions for journalists and activists. We are also happy to provide discounts for startups, and those building new products.

Got more questions? Check out the Commercial use FAQ