Find sanctions targets and persons of interest

OpenSanctions helps investigators find leads, allows companies to manage risk and enables technologists to build data-driven products.

1,392,187 entities · 177 data sources · updated · bulk data · screening tool

People and companies that matter

Persons of interest data provides the key that helps analysts find evidence of corruption, money laundering and other criminal activity.

Clean data and transparent process

Our open source data pipeline takes on the complex task of building a clean, de-duplicated, and well-understood dataset.

Sources with global scope

We integrate data from 177 global sources, including official sanctions lists, data on politically exposed persons and entities of criminal interest.

Use OpenSanctions to manage business risk

OpenSanctions is free for non-commercial users. Business and commercial users must either acquire a data license to use our high-quality dataset, or subscribe to our pay-as-you-go API service.

News & updates

Updates from OpenSanctions, including new features, technical deep dives, and analysis.

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Collections JSON

Collections are data distributions provided by OpenSanctions that combine entities from many sources based on a topic. Learn more...

OpenSanctions Default
177 data sources · 1,392,187 entities

This distribution includes the data collected by OpenSanctions that meets quality standards and would be useful in a screening system or for investigative use.

Consolidated Sanctions
58 data sources · 90,202 entities

Consolidated list of sanctioned entities designated by different countries and international organisations. This can include military, trade and travel restrictions.

Special interest collections contain selections of the data that are more specialised than the default collections.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)updated daily538,750
Sanctioned securitiesupdated daily382,027
Know-Your-Business (KYB) Datasetsupdated monthly86,427,189
Open Ownership Datasetsupdated weekly33,144,427
Warrants and Criminal Entitiesupdated daily183,294