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Bulk data

168,751 targets · 35 data sources · updated

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People and companies that matter

Persons of interest data provides the key that helps analysts find evidence of corruption, money laundering and other criminal activity.

Clean data and transparent process

We consolidate data from a broad range of sources and take on the complex task of transforming it into a clean and well-understood dataset.

Open source code and data

OpenSanctions makes both its database and processing tools available for free. It's easy to use the material, contribute to the project and integrate the technology.


Collections are custom datasets provided by OpenSanctions that combine data from various data sources focussed on a topic.

Due Diligence List148,685

Collection · 33 data sources

Consolidated Sanctioned Entities25,028

Collection · 18 data sources

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)113,982

Collection · 6 data sources

Warrants and Criminal Entities9,956

Collection · 8 data sources