OpenSanctions Default

This collection includes most of the data collected by OpenSanctions which meets quality standards and would be useful to an analyst or journalist attempting to perform a due-diligence type task.

This list can be used as the broadest available OpenSanctions dataset. It includes any entity that should receive enhanced public scrutiny - either because they appear on a sanctions list, in a criminal context or as a political office holder.

Be advised that the data in this collection originates from a variety of sources and therefore varies in terms of detail and precision. For example, many listings of political office holders do not include their exact birth dates or full given names.

Data overview

Entity count:218,580 target entities · 276,777 searchable entities · 429,580 total
Entity types:
Cryptocurrency wallets7,918
Legal entities7,620
254 countries · Show overview...
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Bulk download

Downloads contain the full set of entities contained in this dataset. You can fetch a simplified tabular form, or detailed, structured data in JSON format. Updated files will be provided once a day at the same location.

File nameExport typeSize
entities.ftm.jsonFollowTheMoney entities313 MB
names.txtTarget names text file28 MB
senzing.jsonSenzing entity format145 MB
targets.nested.jsonTargets as nested JSON420 MB
targets.simple.csvTargets as simplified CSV75 MB

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Using the API

You can query the data in this dataset via the application programming interface (API) endpoints below. Please read the introduction for documentation and terms of service.

Use the Reconciliation API in OpenRefine:
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Data sources53

OpenSanctions Default is a collection dataset which bundles together entities from the following data sources:

Peppercat LegislatorsGlobal94,364
Every PoliticianGlobal73,173
Peppercat World LeadersGlobal28,977
US Trade Consolidated Screening List (CSL)United States14,082
US OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) ListUnited States10,533
OCC Enforcement ActionsUnited States8,222
Ukraine NABC Sanctions TrackerUkraine7,587
ransomwhe.re ransomware addressesGlobal7,508
RuPEP Public Database of PEPs in Russia and BelarusGlobal7,220
INTERPOL Red NoticesGlobal6,812
ACF List of bribetakers and warmongersGlobal6,650
Ukraine National Security SanctionsUkraine5,452
CIA World LeadersUnited States4,877
Swiss SECO Sanctions/EmbargoesSwitzerland4,769
Belgian Financial SanctionsBelgium3,737
UK OFSI Consolidated List of TargetsUnited Kingdom3,589
French Freezing of AssetsFrance3,559
EU Financial Sanctions Files (FSF)European Union3,466
Canadian Special Economic Measures Act SanctionsCanada2,866
EU Consolidated Travel BansEuropean Union2,724
Australian Sanctions Consolidated ListAustralia2,643
Japan Economic sanctions and list of eligible peopleJapan2,088
Kazakh Terror Financing listKazakhstan1,611
WorldBank Debarred ProvidersGlobal1,134
African Development Bank Debarred EntitiesGlobal1,024
Kyrgyz National ListKyrgyzstan1,024
Inter-American Development Bank SanctionsGlobal987
Asian Development Bank SanctionsGlobal987
UK Companies House Disqualified DirectorsUnited Kingdom983
UN Security Council Consolidated SanctionsGlobal953
Ukraine SFMS BlacklistUkraine942
Israel Terrorists Organizations and Unauthorized Associations listsIsrael802
Members of the European ParliamentEuropean Union703
Members of the European Commitee of the RegionsEuropean Union631
Bulgarian Persons of InterestBulgaria564
Argentine RePETArgentina520
US OFAC Consolidated (non-SDN) ListUnited States448
US BIS Denied Persons ListUnited States423
UNOPS Vendor SanctionsGlobal362
South African Targeted Financial SanctionsSouth Africa311
Rosfinmonitoring WMD-related entitiesRussia239
Russian Oligarch DatabaseGlobal169
Azerbaijan Domestic ListAzerbaijan169
Dutch National Sanctionlist TerrorismNetherlands142
Wikidata Entities of InterestGlobal133
Forbes 2021 List of Russian BillionairesGlobal101
Europe's most wanted fugitivesEuropean Union93
EU Sanctions MapEuropean Union89
Canadian Listed Terrorist EntitiesCanada77
Polish list of persons and entities subject to sanctionsPoland47
Singapore Targeted Financial SanctionsSingapore46
FBK Recommended List of Individuals for Sanctioning (Navalny 35)Global33
EBRD Ineligible entitiesGlobal10

External databases9

OpenSanctions Default also includes selected details and connections from the following external databases:

Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL)Федеральная Налоговая Служба
UK Companies House People with Significant ControlUK Companies House
Ukraine Consolidated State RegistryMinistry of Justice of Ukraine
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Reference DataGlobal Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)
ICIJ Offshore Leaks DatabaseInternational Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ)
OpenStreetMap Nominatim GeocoderOpenStreetMap
Cyprus Companies and Corporate OfficersDepartment of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property