Warrants and Criminal Entities

Companies and people implicated in or convicted of criminal activity, including the "Most Wanted" lists of various countries and international authorities.

This collection combines entities which have been involved in some form of criminal proceeding. The focus lies on corporate and financial fraud, and political crimes. These actions can be considered adjacent to economic and military sanctions and be included in the same vetting process.

In the future, we hope to expand into several deep dives on specific subject areas:

  • Procurement exclusion (debarment) of companies involved in irregularities in state contracts.
  • Individuals or companies banned from operating as corporate officers in one or more jurisdictions.
  • Companies involved in corruption in their own country or abroad (FCPA).
  • Companies known the be used to facilitate money laundering (laundromats).
  • Individuals or companies that have declared bankruptcy or insolvency in some sensational way.

Data overview

Entity count:25,463 target entities · 33,751 searchable entities · 49,099 total
Entity types:
Cryptocurrency wallets7,508
Legal entities1,812
172 countries · Show overview...
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Data sources11

Warrants and Criminal Entities is a collection dataset which bundles together entities from the following data sources:

OCC Enforcement ActionsUnited States8,222
ransomwhe.re ransomware addressesGlobal7,508
INTERPOL Red NoticesGlobal6,814
WorldBank Debarred ProvidersGlobal1,134
African Development Bank Debarred EntitiesGlobal1,024
Asian Development Bank SanctionsGlobal987
Inter-American Development Bank SanctionsGlobal987
UK Companies House Disqualified DirectorsUnited Kingdom983
UNOPS Vendor SanctionsGlobal362
Europe's most wanted fugitivesEuropean Union93
EBRD Ineligible entitiesGlobal10