Flag of the Palestinian territories

State of Palestine

The Palestinian territories are the two regions of the former British Mandate for Palestine that have been militarily occupied by Israel since the Six-Day War of 1967, namely: the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The International Court of Justice has referred to the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as "the Occupied Palestinian Territory", and this term was used as the legal definition by the ICJ in its advisory opinion of July 2004.


Our standard dataset contains 650 entities connected with the Palestinian territories. This may include sanctioned entities, politically-exposed persons (PEPs), and their close associates, or entities involved in criminal activity.

Data sources

We currently include 1 data source published by authorities or organizations based in the Palestinian territories. See our global list of data sources and our criteria for selecting datasets.

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Politically-exposed persons (PEPs)

Our database contains 285 entities identified as PEPs connected with the Palestinian territories.

National government positions

Number of known occupants
Diplomatic rolesCurrentEndedStatus unclear
ambassador of Palestine--1
Ambassador of Palestine in Iran-11
ambassador of Palestine to Bahrain-11
ambassador of Palestine to Bangladesh--1
ambassador of Palestine to Brazil-22
ambassador of Palestine to Brunei--2
ambassador of Palestine to Bulgaria-31
ambassador of Palestine to Ethiopia-22
ambassador of Palestine to Guyana-11
ambassador of Palestine to Hungary-31
ambassador of Palestine to Iceland-23
ambassador of Palestine to Iraq-11
ambassador of Palestine to Japan--1
Ambassador of Palestine to Jordan--1
ambassador of Palestine to Libya-2-
ambassador of Palestine to Malaysia-21
Ambassador of Palestine to Morocco-51
ambassador of Palestine to North Korea--2
ambassador of Palestine to Norway-41
Ambassador of Palestine to Pakistan-21
ambassador of Palestine to Portugal-52
ambassador of Palestine to Romania-41
ambassador of Palestine to Saudi Arabia-21
Ambassador of Palestine to Seychelles-21
ambassador of Palestine to Spain-23
Ambassador of Palestine to Sudan--1
Ambassador of Palestine to Sweden-23
ambassador of Palestine to Switzerland-1-
ambassador of Palestine to Syria-11
Ambassador of Palestine to Tanzania-41
Ambassador of Palestine to the Czech Republic-11
ambassador of Palestine to the Holy See-11
Ambassador of Palestine to the Maldives--2
ambassador of Palestine to the United Kingdom-31
ambassador of Palestine to the United States-31
ambassador of Palestine to Tunisia-21
ambassador of Palestine to Turkmenistan-21
Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine-31
ambassador of Palestine to Venezuela-22
Ambassadors of Palestine to Cyprus-41
Palestinian Ambassador to Argentina-3-
Palestinian Ambassador to Chile-11
Palestinian Ambassador to China-32
Palestinian Ambassador to Ecuador-11
Palestinian Ambassador to Lesotho-11
Palestinian Ambassador to Peru-11
Palestinian Ambassador to Turkey-11
Palestinian Ambassador to Uruguay-11
Palestinian ambassador to Yemen-3-

Subnational government positions

No positions for this category

Other positions

Number of known occupants
PositionCurrentEndedStatus unclear
member of the Palestinian Legislative Council-277
member of Fatah Revolutionary Council-68
Member of the Palestinian National Council-37
Minister of Local Government-81
Minister of Public Works and Housing-81
Minister of Tourism and Antiquities-42
ministre des Affaires de Jérusalem-51
ministre du développement social-42
ambassador of Palestine to Russia-41
délégué général de Palestine en France-41
General Commissioner of Palestine to Canada-41
Prosecutor General (Palestine)-23
ambassadeur de Palestine aux Pays-Bas-31
ambassadeur de Palestine en Irlande-22
Ambassadors of Palestine to Greece-31
Prime Minister of the State of Palestine-31
ambassador of Palestine to Denmark-21
Minister of Information Palestine-3-
Minister of Youth and Sports-3-
Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization-21
ambassadeur de Palestine auprès de l'Union européenne-11
Chief Justice of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Palestine-11
Foreign Minister of State of Palestine-11
Governor of Nablus Governorate-11
Governor of Qalqilya Governorate-11
Governor of Salfit Governorate-11
Governor of Tubas Governorate-11
Governor of Tulkarm Governorate-11
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the State of Palestine-11
President of the Palestinian National Council-11
ambassadeur de Palestine au Koweït--1
Governor of Deir al-Balah Governorate-1-
Governor of Gaza Governorate-1-
Governor of Rafah Governorate-1-
Governor of Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate--1
member of the Palestine Central Council--1
president of the State of Palestine--1

What do these numbers mean?

We keep track both if political positions and the individuals who occupy those positions over time. Of course, a person can hold a position for multiple terms, and multiple people can occupy the same position at the same time (e.g. members of parliament).

If a person previously held a position, and currently holds the same position, they are only counted once and recorded under Current. If it is unclear from the source whether they have left the position, they will be counted under Unclear.

How can status be unclear?

Some of the data sources we rely on indicate both past and present holders of political offices. In those cases, a lack of a precise end date for a person's occupancy of a position can mean that we don't know whether they currently hold the position or not. Read more...