Syrian Observatory of Political and Economic Networks

A knowledge graph of persons of interest inside Syria, including detailed information on family relationships and business ties.

This dataset contains a detailed knowledge graph composed by analysts from Obsalytics, a Canada-based activist group. Their methodology is based on open source research and documented below:

Data overview

Entity count:1,081 target entities · 1,081 searchable entities · 23,020 total
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Public bodies262
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Publisher:Obsalytics non-official source

"We are a group of Syrian and Arab youth who, after the great sacrifices the Syrian people made during the second decade of the twenty-first century, decided to provide the Syrian people and their friends around the world with a tool that enables them to tie information together and weave knowledge to explore what connects the political, economic, social, security, and military actors in Syria in a step toward building a more just and healthy society"

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Tadbir Kish Medical and Pharmaceutical CompanyCompanyIran
رانيا دباسPersonUnited Arab Emirates · Syria
Zuheir al-AssadPersonSyria
Karam al-AssadPersonSyria
MAXIMA MIDDLE EAST TRADING CO.CompanyUnited Arab Emirates · Seychelles
World Health Organization (WHO)OrganizationSwitzerland
Manal AL AHMADPersonSyria
Iyad al-AkhrasPersonUnited Kingdom · Syria
Tarif al-AkhrasPersonSyria