Using the OpenSanctions API

Our API lets you easily integrate OpenSanctions into your workflow. You can search the database and conduct batch screening to identify people or companies that are included on a sanctions list or linked to politically exposed persons (PEPs).

OpenSanctions API service

Easily integrate up-to-date sanctions and PEPs data into your screening or research processes.

  • Powerful API for entity matching and search
  • 30 sanctions lists, 160,000+ PEPs, 11 crime lists
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing
Calls per monthPrice per call
up to 1,0000.30 €
1,000 - 10,0000.20 €
more than 10,0000.10 €
On-premises solution

Run our API software on your own infrastructure to be in control of scaling and protect data privacy.

  • Use our open source matching software
  • Pay for a single bulk data license to use our data
  • Run as many requests as you need
  • Include additional, in-house datasets in matcher
  • Customer data remains entirely on your systems
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