Help us to make OpenSanctions sustainable!

We're soliciting recurring sponsorships from commercial users to ensure the long-term maintenance of OpenSanctions.

OpenSanctions provides free, high quality data for sanctions list screening. Maintaining that database is a continuous effort. The project will be most valuable if its long-term operation and maintenance is guaranteed. That’s why we are inviting commercial users of OpenSanctions to establish a recurring sponsorship.

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Besides ensuring the continuity of the project, sponsors will receive the following benefits:

  • Active support from the developer team when it comes to using the data and generating custom exports.
  • Prioritised implementation of additional data sources requested by sponsors.

Continued operation of the OpenSanctions data platform is guaranteed until January 31st, 2022. That’s when we’ll need to decide if we’ve managed to build a sustainable level of sponsorship to extend the system’s operation indefinitely.

Please note that OpenSanctions is not a registered non-profit organization. We will not be able to issue a donation receipt for tax purposes.