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Israel, officially the State of Israel, is a country in West Asia. It is bordered by Lebanon to the north, by Syria to the northeast, by Jordan to the east, by the Red Sea to the south, by Egypt to the southwest, by the Mediterranean Sea to the west, and by the Palestinian territories – the West Bank along the east and the Gaza Strip along the southwest.


Our standard dataset contains 1,477 entities connected with Israel. This may include sanctioned entities, politically-exposed persons (PEPs), and their close associates, or entities involved in criminal activity.

Data sources

We currently include 3 data sources published by authorities or organizations based in Israel. See our global list of data sources and our criteria for selecting datasets.

Israel Knesset membersKnessetupdated daily497
Israel Sanctioned Crypto Wallets ListNational Bureau for Counter Terror Financingnot updated626
Israel Terrorists Organizations and Unauthorized Associations listsNational Bureau for Counter Terror Financingupdated daily855

Politically-exposed persons (PEPs)

Our database contains 954 entities identified as PEPs connected with Israel.

National government positions

Number of known occupants
Head of state or governmentCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Deputy Prime Minister1--
Israeli acting prime minister-1-
Prime Minister1--
National executive branchesCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Office-1-
Minister for Community Strengthening and Advancement-1-
Minister for National Digital Matters-2-
Minister of Agriculture1--
Minister of Aliyah & Absorption1--
Minister of Communications191
Minister of Construction & Housing1--
Minister of Culture & Sports1--
Minister of Defense171
Minister of Development of the Negev and Galilee111
Minister of Diaspora Affairs & Social Equality1--
Minister of Economy & Industry1--
Minister of Education1--
Minister of Energy151
Minister of Environmental Protection132
Minister of Finance16-
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel161
Minister of Health171
Minister of Heritage1--
Minister of Intelligence Services1--
Minister of Interior1--
Minister of Jerusalem and Jewish Tradition1--
Minister of Justice1--
Minister of Labor, Welfare & Social Services1--
Minister of National Missions1-1
Minister of National Security1--
Minister of Public Diplomacy1--
Minister of Regional Cooperation1--
Minister of Religious Services171
Minister of Science & Technology1--
Minister of Strategic Affairs1--
Minister of Tourism151
Minister of Transportation1--
Minister of Water Resources-1-
Minister of Welfare and Social Services-11
National legislative branchCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Knesset Member120376-
Member of the Knesset-310-
National judicial branchCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Acting Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel--2
Deputy President of the Supreme Court of Israel-51
Justice of the Supreme Court of Israel-1122
President of the National Labor Court of Israel-31
President of the Supreme Court of Israel-5-
Central banking and financial integrityCurrentEndedStatus unclear
State Comptroller of Israel--1
Diplomatic rolesCurrentEndedStatus unclear
ambassador of France to Israel-61
ambassador of Guinea to Israel-1-
ambassador of Hungary to Israel-2-
ambassador of Israel to Andorra--1
ambassador of Israel to Argentina-4-
ambassador of Israel to Brazil--1
ambassador of Israel to Croatia-11
ambassador of Israel to Germany--2
ambassador of Israel to Greece--1
ambassador of Israel to Hungary-31
ambassador of Israel to India-1-
ambassador of Israel to Kazakhstan-1-
ambassador of Israel to Latvia-41
ambassador of Israel to Luxembourg--1
ambassador of Israel to Monaco-1-
ambassador of Israel to Russian Federation-42
ambassador of Israel to Spain-14
ambassador of Israel to Thailand-31
ambassador of Israel to the Holy See-1-
ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom--1
Ambassador of Israel to the United States-42
ambassador of Israel to Turkey-2-
ambassador of Israel to Uruguay-1-
Ambassador of Spain to Israel-3-
ambassador of the Russian Federation to Israel--6
Ambassador to the US1--
list of ambassadors of India to Israël--1
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York1--
United States Ambassador to Israel-31

Subnational government positions

No positions for this category

Other positions

Number of known occupants
PositionCurrentEndedStatus unclear
Knesset member-44132
Minister without portfolio-92
Justice Minister of Israel-91
Attorney General of Israel-44
Deputy Prime Minister of Israel-71
Director General of the Prime Minister's Office (Israel)-17
Chief of the General Staff-61
Justice of the Israeli National Labor Court--7
Minister of Construction-61
Minister of Economy-7-
Speaker of the Knesset-61
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development-51
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs-41
Education Minister of Israel-41
Leader of the Opposition-41
Military secretary to the president of the State of Israel-32
Minister of National Security of Israel-32
Minister of the Interior of Israel-5-
Deputy Minister of Defense-31
Israeli Central Elections Committee Chairperson-31
Knesset CAO-4-
Minister of Immigration and Absorption-31
Prime Minister of Israel-4-
Regional Development Minister of Israel-31
Strategic Affairs Minister of Israel-31
Culture and Sport Minister-21
Director of the Mossad-12
governor of the Bank of Israel-21
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem-21
Minister of Community Affairs-3-
Minister of Diaspora Affairs-21
Minister of Intelligence-3-
Minister of Transport and Road Safety-3-
President of Israel-21
Social Equality Minister of Israel-21
Accountant General of Israel-11
Alternate Prime Minister of Israel-2-
Deputy Minister of Education-11
Mayor of Herzliya-11
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office-11
Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage-11
Minister of Science, Culture and Sport-2-
National Security Advisor-11
Science, Technology and Space Minister-11
Spouse of the President of Israel--2
Spouse of the Prime Minister of Israel-2-
Deputy Chief of the General Staff-1-
Deputy Director of the Mossad-1-
Deputy Minister--1
Deputy Minister of Health-1-
Deputy Minister of Public Security-1-
Deputy Minister of the Economy and Industry-1-
Deputy Minister of Welfare and Social Services-1-
Financial Advisor to the Chief of Staff--1
Home Front Defense Minister-1-
Liaison Between the Knesset and Government-1-
Minister in the Ministry of Finance-1-
Minister of Immigrant Absorption-1-
Vice Prime Minister of Israel-1-

What do these numbers mean?

We keep track both if political positions and the individuals who occupy those positions over time. Of course, a person can hold a position for multiple terms, and multiple people can occupy the same position at the same time (e.g. members of parliament).

If a person previously held a position, and currently holds the same position, they are only counted once and recorded under Current. If it is unclear from the source whether they have left the position, they will be counted under Unclear.

How can status be unclear?

Some of the data sources we rely on indicate both past and present holders of political offices. In those cases, a lack of a precise end date for a person's occupancy of a position can mean that we don't know whether they currently hold the position or not. Read more...