Israel Terrorists Organizations and Unauthorized Associations lists

Terrorist organizations and individuals as designated by the Israeli government.

According to the Defense Regulations (Emergency), 1945 and the Prohibition on Terrorist Financing Law 5765-2004 and Designations on Terrorist Organizations in accordance with the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance No 33 5708-1948 and the Counter Terrorism Law, 2016


The Counter-Terrorism Law, 5776-2016 (hereinafter: the Law) authorizes the Minister of Defense to designate a group of persons as a Terrorist Organization. Such a designation may be made following a reasoned request by a Security Agency (Israel Security Agency, Israel Defense Force, the Mossad, Israel Police) and the consent of the Attorney General of Israel.

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Publisher:National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing (Israel)

The National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing (NBCTF), at the Ministry of Defense, was established with the aim of unifying and concentrating national efforts to counter financial infrastructure of terrorist organizations, perpetrators and parties involved in Terror Financing.

Source data:nbctf.mod.gov.il (XLSX)
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

EMRAAN ALIPersonTrinidad & Tobago
Shahab al-MuhajirPersonAfghanistan · Iraq
SARUR, MuhammadPersonLebanon
Ashraf al-GizaniPersonTunisia
ABADIGGA, Abdella HusseinPersonEthiopia · South Africa
MILLER, SiraajPersonSouth Africa
MBAGA, Peter CharlesPersonTanzania · South Africa
HOOMER, FarhadPersonSouth Africa
DUBAI Co. forExchangeOrganizationPalestinian Territories
חברת חמאדה קצאצ ואחיו מחמדOrganizationPalestinian Territories
חברת נדאל טלאל צבחי קצאצOrganizationPalestinian Territories
Alkassas General TradeCompanyOrganizationPalestinian Territories
Muhamad Ali al-HeboPersonSyria · Turkey · Lebanon
Harakat-ul Jihad IslamiOrganizationAfghanistan · Pakistan · India
Jamaat-ul-AhrarOrganizationAfghanistan · Pakistan
Islamic State in the Greater SaharaOrganizationBurkina Faso · Mali · Niger
Soldiers of IslamOrganizationIraq
Selselat al ThahabOrganizationIraq
ברקו חברה למסחרOrganization
Association de Secours PalestinienCompanySwitzerland
Al-Haramain Foundation (Unie der Comoren)OrganizationComoros