United Arab Emirates Local Terrorist List

The UAE's asset freeze list of individuals and legal entities that are suspected of, attempt to, or commit terrorist acts.

All UN member states must implement freezing measures with regards to individuals or legal entities designated by the UNSC. In addition, UNSC Resolution 1373 (2001) mandates each UN member state to develop the procedures to identify and apply freezing measures with regards to individuals or legal entities that are suspected of, attempt to, and/or commit terrorist acts.

In the UAE, the Supreme Council for National Security (Supreme Council) prepares such designations. Specifically, the Supreme Council proposes a Local List that meets the designation criteria required by UNSC Resolution 1373 (2001). The Supreme Council can include individuals or legal entities in that list without prior notice, and irrespective of whether criminal proceedings exist. Each listing must be approved by the Cabinet of the UAE.

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Publisher:Executive Office for Control & Non-proliferation (United Arab Emirates)

The EOCN was established in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 as a body responsible for preventing the illegal and unauthorized circulation of dual-use goods that contribute to the production or development of weapons of mass destruction, along with their associated technology and means of delivery. EOCN also coordinates to and supervises the application of targeted financial sanctions relating to terrorist lists system, as well as the implementation of Security Council resolutions on the prevention and suppression of terrorism, its financing, the cessation of arms proliferation and financing, in addition to other relevant resolutions in coordination with competent stakeholders.

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Ryyan Hassan MoukalledPersonLebanon
Rani Hassan MoukalledPersonLebanon
Mas'ud NikbakhtPersonAustria
Abdul AzizPersonPakistan · Afghanistan
Sadr IbrahimPersonAfghanistan
Lashkar e TayyabaOrganizationPakistan
Ibrahim Ali AlhassanPersonNigeria · United Arab Emirates
Mohammad Hasan Khoda'iPersonIran