Azerbaijan Domestic List

Domestic list of natural and legal persons subject to sanctions

This sanctions list is published by the Government of Azerbaijan. For context, Azerbaijan is run by an authoritarian regime that is, itself, credibly accused of a large number of financial crimes.

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Publisher:Azerbaijan Financial Monitoring Service (Azerbaijan)

The Financial Monitoring Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan (FMS) is a body exercising powers in the field of anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism as defined by Law as well as participating in policymaking in this area.

Source data:www.fiu.az (XLS)
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The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Hacıverdiyev Hacıverdi Fair oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Şabanov Rövşən Beydullah oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Məcidzadə Məcid Kubad oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Məcidzadə Tahir Məcid oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Bədəlov Fərhad İsrafil oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Ramazanov Bəxtiyar Əkrəm oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Xancanov Cabir Novruz oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Novruzov Emil Nazim oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Nağıyev Samir Zeynətulla oğluPersonAzerbaijan
Hüseynov Mehman Tarel oğluPersonAzerbaijan