EU Sanctions Map

The EU Sanctions Map is a visualisation of EU sanctions policy. It includes a broader set of policies and entities than the EU consolidated sanctions list.

The EU Sanctions Map web site mostly includes the same data as the EU Consolidated List, which is not repeated here. However, certain EU sanction types (which do not involve asset freezes) are not included in the main list, but featured on the Sanctions Map.

The EU Sanctions Map provides information on restrictive measures (sanctions) adopted by the European Union - either to transpose measures imposed by the United Nations Security Council or autonomously. The EU Sanctions Map does not provide information on national sanctions of the EU Member States or any other sanctions imposed by third states.

Explanation of the EC regarding the scope difference with the EU FSF:

The Consolidated Financial Sanctions List only includes persons, groups and entities subject, under EU restrictive measures (sanctions), to an asset freeze and the prohibition to make funds and economic resources available to them.

Entities contained in Annex IV of Council Regulation (EU) No 833/2014 are subject to specific economic prohibitions as referred to in Article 2(7), 2a(7) and 2b(1) of Regulation (EU) No 833/2014. They are, however, not subject to an asset freeze, hence not included in the Consolidated list.

Data overview

Entity types:
Legal entities53
Publisher:Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU (European Union)

The Sanctions Map was created by the Estonian Presidency of the EU in 2017.

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The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

TsargradLegal entity
RT BalkanOrganization
KatehonLegal entity
Tong San 2VesselNorth Korea
Jin HyeVesselSierra Leone
RT ArabicLegal entity
MIN NING DE YOU 078Legal entity
WAN HENG 11Vessel
FAN KEVessel
PETREL 8Vessel
Sputnik ArabicLegal entity
REN TVLegal entity
Jie ShunVesselCambodia