EU Consolidated Travel Bans

Consolidated information about individuals who have been banned from traveling to the European Union, released as part of the EU Sanctions Map.

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Legal entities5
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Publisher:Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU (European Union)

The Sanctions Map was created by the Estonian Presidency of the EU in 2017.

Collections:in OpenSanctions Default · Consolidated Sanctions
Source data:www.sanctionsmap.eu · JSON
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Elena Mikhailovna DEMIDOVAPersonRussia · Ukraine
Igor Vladimirovich ASTRANINPersonRussia
Vladimir Ivanovich SHASTINPersonRussia
Nikolay Alekseyevich OVCHINNIKOVPersonRussia
Alexander Yurievich ZVEREVPersonRussia
Oleg Borisovich SEMENOVYKHPersonRussia
Alexander Nikolaevich USTINOVPerson
Dmitriy Vladimirovich DEMIDOVPersonBelarus
Ruslan Rinatovich SHAMBAZOVPersonUkraine · Russia
Vladimir Alexandrovich BOBROVPersonRussia
Kang Sun NAMPersonNorth Korea
Pavel Aleksandrovich SLUCHAKPersonBelarus
Nikolay Anatolievich PANKOVPersonRussia
Alexey Sergeevich GALCHENKOVPersonRussia
Valentina Frantsevna KAMYNINAPersonRussia · Ukraine