EU Consolidated Travel Bans

Consolidated information about individuals who have been banned from traveling to the European Union, released as part of the EU Sanctions Map.

Data overview

Entity count:2,788 target entities · 3,162 searchable entities · 6,559 total
Entity types:
Legal entities8
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Publisher:Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU (European Union)

The Sanctions Map was created by the Estonian Presidency of the EU in 2017.

Source data:www.sanctionsmap.eu (JSON)
Collections:in Due Diligence List · Consolidated Sanctioned Entities
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Andrei Nikolaevich ERMISHKOPersonRussia
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich POTAPOVPersonRussia
Dmitry Yulianovich IONOVPersonRussia
Andrej SIČPersonBelarus
Waseem AL-KATTANPersonSyria
Sergey Nikolaevich BORISENKOPersonRussia
Natalya Dmitrievna CHEKAREVAPersonUkraine
Abu 'Abd al-HakimPersonMali
Abu Hamza al-ShanqitiPersonMauritania · Mali
Dmitriy Alekseevich GONCHARPersonRussia
PRIGOZHIN Pavel EvgenyevichPersonRussia
Evgenii Valerievich LADYZHENSKIIPersonRussia
Ruslan Ovsepovich MITIAEVPersonRussia
Dmitrii Ivanovich LVOVPersonRussia
Sergei Aleksandrovich VETROVPersonRussia
Faruq al-SuriPersonSyria
Olga Aleksandrovna KHAMENOKPersonRussia
Valentin Pavlovich LUTSAKPersonRussia
Serhiy Mikolayovich CHEREVKOPersonUkraine
Alexander Anatolyevich KOCHERGINPersonRussia
Khodr Ali TAHERPersonSyria
Aleksandr Leonidovich SHERSHNEVPersonRussia
Stepan Viktorovich GRIGOROVPersonRussia
Muhammad al-KaterjiPersonSyria
Khaled al-ZubediPersonSyria · Canada