Iran sanctions list

Individuals and entities in the sanctions list of the Islamic Republic of Iran

This dataset comprises information about Individuals and entities currently sanctioned by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The penalties prescribed by law for these individuals and entities are as follows:

  • Denial of issuing entry visa to the territory of Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Seizure of all assets and properties belonging to these individuals and entities located in the territory under jurisdiction of Islamic Republic of Iran by the Judiciary
  • Freezing of all financial transactions of these individuals and entities taking place in financial and banking system of Islamic Republic of Iran by The Ministry of Economic and Finance Affairs, and closure of their bank accounts.

As of April 2024, the persons sanctioned in this list are generally current and former members of the US and UK governments, militaries, as well as journalists.

Data overview

Entity types:
Legal entities46
United States224
United Kingdom68
Publisher:Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Iran)
Collections:in Consolidated Sanctions · OpenSanctions Default
Source data:sanctionlist.mfa.ir · HTML
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Richard A. CodyPersonUnited States
Bradley Chance SaltzmanPersonUnited States
Landon QuanPersonUnited States
James N. MatttisPersonUnited States
Victoria C. Gardner CoatesPersonUnited States
George W. Casey JrPersonUnited States
William RogersPersonUnited States
Jack L. BriggsPersonUnited States
Donald H. RumsfeldPersonUnited States
Paul BremerPersonUnited States
Paul Miki NakasonePersonUnited States
Stephen A. CambonePersonUnited States
James Michael HolmesPersonUnited States
Kenneth Frank McKenziePersonUnited States
Richard N. PerlePersonUnited States