Japan Economic sanctions and list of eligible people

Sanctions imposed by Japan under its Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law.

The Foreign Exchange Law is based on the free conduct of foreign transactions, but "when we recognize that it is necessary to fulfill our international commitments in good faith" and "we contribute to international efforts for international peace." "When we find it particularly necessary to do so" or "when a Cabinet decision is made to take countermeasures as it is particularly necessary to maintain Japan's peace and security", the competent minister (Minister of Finance and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry) The Minister) is supposed to be able to implement the required economic sanctions.

Currently, as such economic sanctions, weapons bans on the Democratic Republic of Congo, such as the institutions of the former Iraqi administration, senior officials of the former Iraqi administration or their related persons, Tulliburn officials, terrorists, etc. Libya's Kadafi Revolutionary Leaders and their relationships, including those who violated, those involved in the inhibition of peace in Sudan, those involved in North Korea's missile or mass destruction weapons program, those who violated weapons bans against Somalia, etc. , Syrian President Al Assad and his associates, those who are judged to be directly involved in the "merger" of Crimea or the destabilization of eastern Ukraine, and those who were involved in acts that impair peace in the Central African Republic. Persons involved in activities that threaten peace in the Republic of Yemen, persons involved in acts that threaten peace in South Sudan, persons involved in nuclear activities in Iraq, and acts that threaten peace in the Republic of Syria. Asset freeze measures, etc. are being implemented for those involved in the above.

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The Ministry of Finance (財務省) is the Japanese ministry that has jurisdiction over ensuring sound finances, realizing fair taxation, managing national treasury, managing customs operations, and maintaining confidence in currency.

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