New Zealand Russia Sanctions

The New Zealand government's list of people and companies sanctioned in relation to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The sanctions register is published to help New Zealanders comply with Russia sanctions and is regularly updated as the sanctions regime matures and responds to the invasion of Ukraine. You can search and filter the list, which includes names and details of sanctioned individuals and entities, types of sanction, and trade measures.

Please refer to the Russia Sanctions Regulations 2022, and any amendments, for the details and list of sanctions.

Data overview

Entity count:1,267 target entities · 1,267 searchable entities · 2,539 total
Entity types:
Legal entities237
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Publisher:Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (New Zealand) non-official source

The list is composed by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade in New Zealand

Source data:www.mfat.govt.nz (XLSX)
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

NOVAK Alexander ValentinovichPersonRussia
PESKOVA Elizaveta DmitrievnaPersonRussia · France · Belgium · Turkey
Yekaterina Vladimirovna PUTINAPersonRussia · Germany · Soviet Union
Natalia Nikolayevna EISMONTPersonBelarus · Soviet Union
Anton Germanovich SILUANOVPersonSoviet Union · Russia
Albert Kashafovich SHIGABUTDINOVPersonRussia
MAKHMUDOV Iskandar KahramonovichPersonRussia
Galina Rodionovna LUKASHENKOPersonBelarus · Soviet Union
Maria Vladimirovna PUTINAPersonRussia · Soviet Union · Netherlands
Tatiana Aleksandrovna NAVKAPersonUkraine · Russia · United States · Belarus
Alexander Vladimirovich FROLOVPersonRussia · Soviet Union
CHERNYSHENKO Dmitry NikolaevichPersonRussia · Soviet Union
SHAIMIEV Airat MintimerovichPersonSoviet Union · Russia
Nikolay Dmitrievich PESKOVPersonUnited Kingdom · Russia
Lukoil, OAOCompanyRussia
OJS KB Radar Managing CompanyOrganizationBelarus
Arkady Yurievich ROMANOVPersonRussia
PJSC "Severstal"CompanyRussia
Viktor Aleksandrovich LUKASHENKOPersonBelarus · Soviet Union
Vladislav Leonidovich BRUEVPersonUkraine · Belarus
Alexey Yurevich AVDEEVPersonRussia · Uzbekistan
DENISENKO Vadim IvanovichPersonBelarus · Russia · Ukraine · Hungary
Sergei Mikhailovich PINCHUKPersonUkraine · Russia · Crimea (Occupied Ukraine)
JSC GTLK State Transport Leasing CompanyCompanyRussia
Dmitry KOZAKPersonRussia · Ukraine · Soviet Union