ransomwhe.re ransomware addresses

Cryptocurrency addresses linked to payments for ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a form of malware designed to encrypt files on a device, rendering any files and the systems that rely on them unusable. Malicious actors then demand ransom in exchange for decryption.

Cryptocurrencies have, in recent years, become a common method to transact ransom payments in such attacks. The ransomwhe.re site collects addresses (accounts) that are known to be linked to these payments.

Data overview

Entity types:
Cryptocurrency wallets10,454
Publisher:ransomwhe.re / Jack Cable non-official source
Collections:in Warrants and Criminal Entities · OpenSanctions Default
Source data:api.ransomwhe.re · JSON
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The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

bc1qy7ewkfpfr4x4rp39uwgsh2u698sl2uhfadqfytCryptocurrency wallet
14Q5xgBHAkWxDVrnHautcm4PPGmy5cfw6bCryptocurrency wallet
38uTYmRfywB9F96DHFRh8g15SbfQiZudEqCryptocurrency wallet
bc1qcnw5v94y40ast06eatgalnjpluu2p067qewh46Cryptocurrency wallet
bc1qghj85gz0dkr9jeucana3z4xu50ujtllj50rvj0Cryptocurrency wallet
1GnkF1JtPT6EJcgJRFjArKZHjQs873eUeECryptocurrency wallet
bc1qandfxc4knaf943njca77edl9mmegzs83tv8lpxCryptocurrency wallet
bc1qpwwtck0zhzrj56fxeayz6wz5546nlp607qzpvhCryptocurrency wallet
bc1qr0pqfghr9cksfc5arr2rak3lt2y50v03pc76nhCryptocurrency wallet
13rhLTYUKo9ijrR8vinojZqoZTpTe1fm8cCryptocurrency wallet
bc1q4frmv39nmvdsxjnen8jm7ykgz68w7p38v5pry9Cryptocurrency wallet
bc1qenh0h6vvm00krm5re7ycst98unulgp4x04dn2uCryptocurrency wallet
bc1qyuunv9pz6f4qpgd0c0wmenu9zhr6u57yjf4afdCryptocurrency wallet
1KUzq13qqefyBoHtiS7J8E9uHhZiRwgxvMCryptocurrency wallet
1L1FZ9pB95doi1sAMDuG9xVFhdeB412tHCryptocurrency wallet