ransomwhe.re ransomware addresses

Cryptocurrency addresses linked to payments for ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a form of malware designed to encrypt files on a device, rendering any files and the systems that rely on them unusable. Malicious actors then demand ransom in exchange for decryption.

Cryptocurrencies have, in recent years, become a common method to transact ransom payments in such attacks. The ransomwhe.re site collects addresses (accounts) that are known to be linked to these payments.

Data overview

Entity count:7,508 target entities · 7,508 searchable entities · 7,508 total
Entity types:
Cryptocurrency wallets7,508
Publisher:ransomwhe.re / Jack Cable

Source data:api.ransomwhe.re (JSON)
Collections:in OpenSanctions Default · Warrants and Criminal Entities
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

bc1q0wf73xmcqkvrvs7tj49hznxqqgt6tp359gk0azCryptocurrency wallet
3G8hqexhV4yyLpneQ2qBNeLxAH7SpHwoehCryptocurrency wallet
1AereQUh8yjNPs9Wzeg1Le47dsqC8NNaNMCryptocurrency wallet
bc1q9jg45a039tn83jk2vhdpranty2y8tnpnrk9k5qCryptocurrency wallet
1DeNHM2eTqHp5AszTsUiS4WDHWkGc5UxHfCryptocurrency wallet
1DRxUFhvJjGUdojCzMWSLmwx7Qxn79XbJqCryptocurrency wallet
1HdgQM9bjX7u7vWJnfErY4MWGBQJi5mVWVCryptocurrency wallet
14oH2h12LvQ7BYBufcrY5vfKoCq2hTPoevCryptocurrency wallet
1Edcufenw1BB4ni9UadJpQh9LVx9JGtKpPCryptocurrency wallet
1DyMbw6R9PbJqfUSDcK5729xQ57yJrE8BCCryptocurrency wallet
1HZHhdJ6VdwBLCFhdu7kDVZN9pb3BWeUEDCryptocurrency wallet
bc1qy34v0zv6wu0cugea5xjlxagsfwgunwkzc0xcjjCryptocurrency wallet
1PopeZ4LNLanisswLndAJB1QntTF8hpLsDCryptocurrency wallet
bc1qz3lmcw4k58n79wpzm550r5pkzxc2h8rwmmu6xmCryptocurrency wallet
12xd6KrWVtgHEJHKPEfXwMVWuFK4k1FCUFCryptocurrency wallet
14cATAzXwD7CQf35n8Ea5pKJPfhM6jEHakCryptocurrency wallet
18wRbb94CjyTGkUp32ZM7krCYCB9MXUq42Cryptocurrency wallet
184ZcAoxkvimvVZaj8jZFujC7EwR3BKWvfCryptocurrency wallet
1AbRxRfP6yHePpi7jmDZkS4Mfpm1ZiatH5Cryptocurrency wallet
1LYiEgq9k3xSAddbqMZcsVTayJVoKbTFubCryptocurrency wallet
bc1q3xgr4z53cdaeyn03luhen24xu556y5spvyspt8Cryptocurrency wallet
bc1q25km8usscsra6w2falmtt7wxyga8tnwd5s870gCryptocurrency wallet
bc1q62vek72l4aahdhd84fkk8c2s2nv3sj8qgqv25gCryptocurrency wallet
bc1q6s0k4l8q9wf3p9wrywf92czrxaf9uvscyqp0fuCryptocurrency wallet
bc1q8ff3lrudpdkuvm3ehq6e27nczm393q9f4ydlgtCryptocurrency wallet