Ukraine National Security Sanctions

List of individuals and legal entities subject to restrictive measures.

This dataset is derived from the COTA system run by NSDC. The published sanctions list is based on press statements by the security council and may not be fully comprehensive as the system is still under development.

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Publisher:National Security and Defense Council (Ukraine)

The National Security and Defense Council (Рада національної безпеки і оборони України) of Ukraine is the coordinating body in matters pertaining to national security and defense under the President of Ukraine.

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Кот Юрій ВолодимировичPersonUkraine
Perekhvatov Illia, Perekhvatov IliaPersonUkraine
Pavliuchenko Andrii, Pavliuchenko AndreiPersonUkraine
Maiboroda Svitlana/ Maiboroda SvetlanaPersonUkraine
Zahrebelskyi Serhii, Zagrebelskii SergeiPersonUkraine
Kostenko Yurii/Kostenko IuriiPersonUkraine
Skoryi Andrii, Skoryi AndreiPersonUkraine
Slesareva OlgaPersonRussia
Troianovskii ViktorPersonRussia
Tkachuk Vasyl, Tkachuk VasiliiPersonUkraine
Gubanova IuliiaPersonRussia
Sydorenko Olena / Sidorenko ElenaPersonUkraine
Sorokin Serhii, Sorokin SergeiPersonUkraine
Prochukhan Krystyna/Prochukhan KristinaPersonUkraine
Panchikhina OlgaPersonRussia