US BIS Denied Persons List

The Bureau of Industry and Security publishes this list of entities which are relevant with regards to export controls.

The Denied Persons List is a list of people and companies whose export privileges have been denied by the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). An American company or individual may not participate in an export transaction with an individual or company on the Denied Persons List.

The Denied Persons List is also included in the US Trade Consolidated List, so we may want to remove this crawler at some point.

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Entity count:402 target entities · 745 searchable entities · 1,210 total
Entity types:
Legal entities402
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Publisher:Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) (United States)

BIS is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, where it manages the intersection between business and the foreign policy and security interests of the U.S.

Source data:www.bis.doc.gov (TSV)
Collections:in Consolidated Sanctioned Entities · Due Diligence List
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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

OJSC »Belavia Belarusian Airlines«CompanyBelarus
US PROTOTYPE, INC.Legal entity
RAPID CUT LLCLegal entity
JSC Rossiya AirlinesCompanyRussia
AIR FREIGHT LTDLegal entityUnited Arab Emirates · Iraq · Jordan
KERMAN AVIATIONLegal entityFrance
SHAMMOUT, IssamPersonSyria · Lebanon · Turkey · United Kingdom
SKY BLUE BIRD AVIATIONOrganizationUnited Arab Emirates
SKY BLUE BIRD FZCLegal entityUnited Arab Emirates
KOSARIAN FARDLegal entityUnited Arab Emirates
ISSAM ANWARLegal entityTurkey · Syria · Lebanon · United Kingdom
BAHAR SAFWA GENERAL TRADINGLegal entityUnited Arab Emirates
MEHDI BAHRAMILegal entityTurkey
SKY BLUE BIRD GROUPLegal entityUnited Arab Emirates
MAHMOUD AMINILegal entityUnited Arab Emirates
Pejman Mahmood KOSARAYANIFARDPersonUnited Arab Emirates
SKY BLUE BIRD LTDLegal entityUnited Arab Emirates
ALI ABDULLAH ALHAYLegal entityIraq · Saudi Arabia