US State Department Cuba Sanctions

Several lists of Cuban companies and hotels that are blocked by the US State Department separately from the sanctions lists maintained by the Treasury.

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Publisher:US State Department (United States)

The Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions division (TFS) is responsible for developing and implementing sanctions to counter threats to national security posed by particular activities, terrorist groups and countries. TFS advises the Secretary on economic sanctions strategies to achieve U.S. foreign policy objectives and works with other agencies to enact such strategies.

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The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Joyeria Coral NegroCompanyCuba
Blau Costa Verde Beach & Resort (aka Fiesta Americana Holguín Costa Verde)CompanyCuba
Empresa Militar Industrial Yuri GagarinCompanyCuba
Hotel Don FlorencioCompanyCuba
MECATRONICS Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo de Electronica y MecanicaCompanyCuba
Sociedad Mercantil Cubana Inmobiliaria Fenix S.A.CompanyCuba
Coral Level At Iberostar Selection EnsenachosCompanyCuba
Hotel Porto SantoCompanyCuba
CID NAV Centro de Investigacion y Desarrollo NavalCompanyCuba
Empresa Importadora Exportadora de Abastecimientos TecnicosCompanyCuba
Gaviota Hoteles CubaCompanyCuba
OIBS Organizacion Integracion para el Bienestar SocialCompanyCuba
Empresa Militar Industrial GranmaCompanyCuba
Hoteles Playa GaviotaCompanyCuba
Melia Las DunasCompanyCuba