FollowTheMoney-based JSON format

The JSON entity format published by OpenSanctions describes entities and their relationships in detail.

We offer two JSON-based export formats that are both based on the FollowTheMoney (FtM) data model:

  • The entities.ftm.json export includes one entity per line.
    • Entities are not just things like people or companies: passports, sanctions, family or business relationships are also represented as entities. Read the overview of the entity data structure to understand how these form into a complex graph structure.
    • Browse the data dictionary to see details regarding the property semantics used by OpenSanctions.
    • For implementors who want to import OpenSanctions data into their system, we recommend exploring this format for import.
  • The targets.nested.json format is based on the entity format but combines related entities into a nested object structure. It contains one line per target, with adjacent entities (e.g. addresses, sanctions) nested inside the properties section of the data structure.