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Mourad Trabelsi

Sanctioned entity
Mourad Trabelsi is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameAboue Chiba Brahim · Abouechiba Brahim · Adnan Salah · Arouri Faisel · Arouri Taoufik · 16 more...[sources]
Other nameAbou Djarrah · Aboue Chiba Brahim · Mourad Ben Ali Ben Al-Basheer AL-TRABELSI · Абу Джаррах · Мурад Трабелси · 1 more...[sources]
Weak aliasAbou Djarrah[sources]
Birth date · · · · · 8 more...[sources]
Place of birthManzil Tmim, Tunisia · Menzel Temime, Tunisia · Menzel Temine, Tunisia · Мензел Темин, Тунис[sources]
CountryItaly · Tunisia[sources]
Country of birthAlgeria · Lebanon · Libya · Morocco · Tunisia[sources]
First nameAboue · Abouechiba · Adnan · Arouri · Ben · 12 more...[sources]
ID Number05093588[sources]
Last nameAL-TRABELSI · Abou Djarrah · Al-Trabelsi · TRABELSI · Trabelsi · 1 more...[sources]
Passport numberG 827238 · G827238[sources]
PatronymicAdel · Adnan · Amour · Arouri · Ben Al-Basheer · 12 more...[sources]
AddressVia Geromini 15, Cremona · Via Geromini 15, Cremona, Italy · Виа Джеромини 15, Кремона, Италия[sources]
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Extradited from Italy to Tunisia on 13 Dec 2008. Imprisoned in Mornaguia Prison on 29 Nov 2011 pursuant to an order issued by the Court of First Instance of Grombalia for excavation of artefacts without a licence (case No. 12680/2011). Released on 27 Dec 2011 after charges against him were dismissed. Inadmissible to the Schengen area. Mother’s name is Mabrukah al-Yazidi. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 22 Apr 2010.

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes,

arrested 1 Apr 2003;

US OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List,


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