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Iran Communications Industries (ICI)

Sanctioned entity
Iran Communications Industries (ICI) is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameICI · IRAN COMMUNICATION INDUSTRIES · Iran Communication Industries · Iran Communications Industries · Iran Communications Industries (ICI) · 3 more...[sources]
Other nameICI · IRAN COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRIES GROUP · Iran Communication Industries · Iran Communications Industries · Iran Communications Industries Co. · 3 more...[sources]
Legal formEnterprise[sources]
Phone+98 21 22827481 (Fax) · +98 21 22827481 (Fax): +98 21 22827481 · +982122827481[sources]
Statusnot available[sources]
AddressP.O. Box 19295-4731, Pasdaran Avenue, Tehran · P.O. Box 19575-131, 34 Apadana Avenue, Tehran · PO Box 19295-4731, Pasdaran Avenue, Téhéran · PO Box 19575-131, 34 Apadana Avenue, Téhéran · Shahid Langary Street, Nobonyad Square Ave, Pasdaran, Téhéran · 7 more...[sources]
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Subsidiary of Iran Electronics Industries. Hoda Trading is a Hong Kong based subsidiary of ICI.

Belgian Financial Sanctions,

a subsidiary of Iran Electronics Industries

Belgian Financial Sanctions,

Iran Communications Industries, a subsidiary of Iran Electronics Industries (listed by the EU), produces various items including communication systems, avionics, optics and electro-optics devices, micro-electronics, information technology, test and measurement, telecommunication security, electronic warfare, radar tube manufacture and refurbishment, and missile launchers. ICI procured sensitive material through Hoda Trading, its Hong Kong based subsidiary.

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes,

Subsidiary of Iran Electronics Industries. Hoda Trading is a Hong Kong based subsidiary of ICI.

EU Financial Sanctions Files (FSF),

a subsidiary of Iran Electronics Industries

EU Financial Sanctions Files (FSF),

Iran Communications Industries, qui est une filiale de la société Iran Electronics Industries (inscrite sur la liste de l’Union européenne), produit divers matériels, notamment des systèmes de communication, du matériel d’avionique, d’optique, d’électro-optique, de micro-électronique, des technologies de l’information, de test et de mesure, et des systèmes de sécurité des télécommunications, de guerre électronique et de fabrication et remise à neuf de tubes de radar et de lance-missiles. ICI a acheté du matériel sensible par l’intermédiaire de Hoda Trading, sa filiale établie à Hong Kong.

French Freezing of Assets,


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