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ПУБЛИЧНОЕ АКЦИОНЕРНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО "АКЦИОНЕРНАЯ ФИНАНСОВАЯ КОРПОРАЦИЯ "СИСТЕМА" is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameAFK SISTEMA · AFK Sistema PAO · Joint-Stock Financial Corporation Sistema" PJSC · Publichne aktsionerne tovarystvo "Aktsionerna finansova kompaniia "Systema" · SISTEMA PUBLIC JOINT STOCK FINANCIAL CORPORATION · 10 more...[sources]
Other namePublichnoe Aktsionernoe Obschestvo Aktsionernaya Finansovaya Sistema · ПУБЛИЧНОЕ АКЦИОНЕРНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО «АКЦИОНЕРНАЯ ФИНАНСОВАЯ КОРПОРАЦИЯ «СИСТЕМА» · Публичное акционерное общество "Акционерная финансовая компания "Система"[sources]
Incorporation date · [sources]
Legal formПубличные акционерные общества[sources]
Registration number1027700003891 · TIN - 7703104630[sources]
ID NumberV65SV5.99999.SL.643[sources]
OGRN1027700003891 · 1027739224402[sources]
Phone+74957300599 · +74957370101[sources]
Reuters Instrument CodeAFKS.MM[sources]
Stock ticker symbolAFKS[sources]
Tax Number7703104630[sources] ·[sources]
StatusACTIVE · Active[sources]
Address10, Leontievskiy Pereulok, 125009 Moscow · 125009, Russian Federation, Moscow, st. Mokhovaya, 13 building 1 · 125009, Российская Федерация, г. Москва, ул. Моховая, д. 13 стр. 1 · 125009, Російська Федерація, м. Москва, вул. Мохова, буд. 13, будівля 1 · 13, Mokhovaya Street, Moscow, 125009 · 8 more...[sources]
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Data sources

US OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List28,343

The primary United States' sanctions list, specially designated nationals (SDN) part.

United States · Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

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List of suspended and removed financial instruments, as published by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Where possible the listing includes the suspending authority.

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Ukraine NSDC State Register of Sanctions17,120

List of individuals and legal entities subject to restrictive measures.

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US Trade Consolidated Screening List (CSL)18,587

The Consolidated Screening List (CSL) is a list of parties for which the United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports, reexports, or transfers of items.

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Russian National Settlement Depository (NSD, ISIN Assignment)25,066

ISIN security identifiers assigned in Russia and subject to a US investment ban.

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Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker39,906

A list of suggested Russia-related sanctions targets composed by the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency.

Ukraine · National Agency on Corruption Prevention

UK HMT/OFSI Consolidated List of Targets5,875

The United Kingom's consolidated international sanctions list.

United Kingdom · Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation

External databases

The record has been enriched with data from the following external databases:

LSEG PermID Open Data2,450

Permanent Identifier (PermID) is a reference data spine offered by LSEG/Refinitiv to help create unique identifiers for organizations that are publicly listed.

External dataset · LSEG/Refinitiv · non-official source

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Reference Data56,465

A concatenated data file of all entities which have been issued Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes.

External dataset · Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) · non-official source

Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities (EGRUL)136,172

Companies database of the Russian Federation as maintained and published by the Federal Tax Service.

External dataset · Russia · Федеральная Налоговая Служба

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