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Inversiones Amber S.A.S.

Debarred entity
Inversiones Amber S.A.S. is an entity of interest. It has not been found on international sanctions lists.
TypeLegal entity[sources]
NameINVERSIONES AMBER S.A.S. · Inversiones Amber S.A.S · Inversiones Amber S.A.S.[sources]
Legal formnot available[sources]
Statusnot available[sources]
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Data sources

Asian Development Bank Sanctions1,784

The ADB's published sanctions list. It contains the names of entities who violated the sanctions while ineligible; entities who committed second and subsequent violations; debarred entities who are uncontactable; and cross debarred entities.

Global · Asian Development Bank

African Development Bank Debarred Entities907

Individuals and firms that have been sanctioned by AfDB, for having participated in coercive, collusive, corrupt, fraudulent or obstructive practices under the Bank’s sanctions system.

Global · African Development Bank Group

WorldBank Debarred Providers2,090

The firms and individuals listed in this dataset are debarred and thus ineligible to participate in World Bank-financed contracts for the periods indicated.

World Bank

Source data IDs: adb-04ab53a94fc53f370a62eaa15abe4163faa3438f · afdb-376c40d562b513ba46b454f3accff31d96cd597e · wbdeb-780448

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