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Roy M. McTaggart

Roy M. McTaggart is a politically exposed person. They are a person of interest, but have not been found on international sanctions lists.
NameRoy M. McTaggart · Roy McTaggart[sources]
Birth datenot available[sources]
Nationalitynot available[sources]
CountryCayman Islands[sources]
PositionLeader of the Opposition, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee[sources]
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Cayman Islands Members of Parliament62

Current and recent Members of the Parliament of the Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands · The Parliament of the Cayman Islands

Source data IDs: ky-la-52b821eb477579366446f226c602e7bb70874a3d · ky-la-5c1910c48de32cff817f6a90a30f66ba9b7b3a3f

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