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Bank Saderat Iran

Bank · Sanctioned entity
Bank Saderat Iran is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameBANK SADERAT IRAN · Bank Saderat · Bank Saderat Iran · Bank Saderat Iran (including all branches and subsidiaries)[sources]
Other nameIRAN EXPORT BANK[sources]
Incorporation date · · [sources]
Legal formBANK[sources]
JurisdictionFrance · Iran · Qatar[sources]
CountryUnited Arab Emirates · Afghanistan · Germany · France · United Kingdom · 6 more...[sources]
Registration number4150 · 632036752[sources]
LEI2763RIUHRUXVYE8VBI52 · 549300KBNGV4NYY3GE68 · 894500MDF6I8J93LO347[sources]
OpenCorporates · ·[sources]
PermID4296646454 · 5000031091 · 5081391281[sources]
Phone+97444414646 · +982188306091[sources]
StatusACTIVE · Active[sources]
Address16 RUE DE LA PAIX 75002 PARIS FRANCE · 16 RUE DE LA PAIX, 75002 PARIS · 16 rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris · 1st Floor, Alrose Bldg, Verdun - Rashid Karame St, Beirut · 2nd Floor, No 181 Makhtoomgholi Ave, Ashgabat · 31 more...[sources]
Source · · ·[sources]
Created at[sources]
Modified on[sources]
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By handling letters of credit of Defence Industries Organisation (DIO) in March 2009, Bank Saderat violated the provisions of UNSCR 1737 which designated DIO and therefore required the freezing of its, and prohibited the making available to it of any, funds, financial assets and economic ressources. By handling those letters of credit, Bank Saderat also assisted DIO in violating the prohibition contained in UNSCR 1747 on the procurement and the provision by Iran of any arms and related material.

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Source data IDs: lei-2763RIUHRUXVYE8VBI52 · bic-SDINFRP1 · lei-894500MDF6I8J93LO347 · au-dfat-1995-bank-saderat · ca-sema-iran-1-6 · ca-sema-1-6-ir-bank-saderat · NK-R6mCsjmDYEKi39qSvYfdQn · oc-companies-gb-br001527 · lei-549300KBNGV4NYY3GE68 · ofac-10368 · oc-companies-fr-632036752 · oc-companies-gb-fc005225 · ch-seco-9019

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