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Tivall CZ, s.r.o.

Sanction-linked entity
Tivall CZ, s.r.o. is an entity of interest. It has not been found on international sanctions lists.
NameTivall CZ, s.r.o.[sources]
Incorporation date[sources]
Legal formSpolečnost s ručením omezeným[sources]
JurisdictionCzech Republic[sources]
Registration number27385817[sources]
AddressEduarda Proppera 641, 417 42 Krupka · Eduarda Proppera 641, 41742 Krupka[sources]
Modified on[sources]
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Data sources

The record has been enriched with data from the following external databases:

Czechia business register1,603

Czech business register with company metadata and directorships as obtained from the open data xml dump by ARES.

External dataset · Czech Republic · Administrativní registr ekonomických subjektů (ARES)

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Reference Data56,451

A concatenated data file of all entities which have been issued Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) codes.

External dataset · Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) · non-official source

Source data IDs: oc-companies-cz-27385817 · lei-315700E1L4Q5Q5L6CV08

For experts: raw data explorer