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Adham Tabaja

Sanctioned entity
Adham Tabaja is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameADHAM HUSSAIN TABAJA · Adham Tabaja · أدهم طباجة · ادهم حسين طباجه[sources]
Birth date[sources]
Place of birthلبنان[sources]
First nameAdham Tabaja · أدهم طباجة[sources]
ID Number00986426 العراق[sources]
Passport number5207219 · RL1294089 لبنان[sources]
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Data sources

Qatar Unified Record of Persons and Entities on Sanction List711

This dataset contains both UN-mandated and the national sanctions designations for Qatar (Targeted Financial Sanctions).

Qatar · National Counter Terrorism Committee (NCTC)

United Arab Emirates Local Terrorist List293

The UAE's asset freeze list of individuals and legal entities that are suspected of, attempt to, or commit terrorist acts

United Arab Emirates · Executive Office for Control & Non-proliferation

Source data IDs: ae-lt-f4cda869a42d77648bd7cadf2deee780e0e0f852 · qa-nctc-39-adham-tabaja

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