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Bookmate SNG PTE LTD.

Sanctioned entity
Bookmate SNG PTE LTD. is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameBookmate SNG PTE LTD.[sources]
Incorporation datenot available[sources]
Jurisdictionnot available[sources]
Registration numbernot available[sources]
Address105 Cecil Street, #18-16, Octagon, Singapore · 105 Сесил стрит, № 18–16, Октагон, Сингапур · 105 Сесіл стріт, № 18–16, Октагон, Сінгапур[sources]

Data sources

Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker10,034

A list of suggested Russia-related sanctions targets composed by the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency.

Ukraine · National Agency on Corruption Prevention · non-official source

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Source data IDs: oc-companies-sg-201437759k · ua-nabc-company-6998-bookmate-sng-pte-ltd

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