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Sanctioned entity
TELEVISION STATION RUSSIA-1 is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameRossiya 1 · Rossiya 24 · Rossiya 24 / Russia 24 · TELEVISION STATION RUSSIA-1 · Television Station Russia-1 · 1 more...[sources]
Other nameRossija 1 · Rossiya-1 · Russia 24 · Russia-1 · Россия-1[sources]
Incorporation date[sources]
Legal formGovernment Entity[sources]
Registration numberV22UWKS3HJZ8[sources]
Statusnot available[sources]
Address5TH YAMSKOGO POLYA STREET, 19-21, BUILDING 1, BEGOVOY, MOSCOW, RUS · 5th Yamskogo Polya street, 19-21, building 1, Begovoy, Moscow[sources]
Source ·[sources]
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