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Oscar Rolando Castro

Politican · Sanctioned entity
Oscar Rolando Castro is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below. They are also a politically exposed person.
NameCASTRO, Oscar Rolando · Oscar Rolando CASTRO · Oscar Rolando Castro · Óscar Rolando Castro[sources]
Other nameRonaldo CASTRO · Óscar Rolando Castro[sources]
Birth date[sources]
Place of birthSanta Elena, El Salvador[sources]
NationalityEl Salvador[sources]
CountryEl Salvador[sources]
First nameOscar · Ronaldo · Óscar[sources]
ID Number007591947[sources]
Last nameCASTRO[sources]
Passport numberDA000293[sources]
Wikidata IDQ110164787[sources]
PositionMinister of Labor & Social Welfare · Minister of Labour and Social Provision of El Salvador (2019-) · Salvadoran Minister of Labor[sources]
Source ·[sources]
Modified on[sources]
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politician in El Salvador

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An index of most national-level cabinet members in world governments that is publicly maintained by the CIA.

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The Consolidated Screening List (CSL) is a list of parties for which the United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports, reexports, or transfers of items.

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