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FLUSTIKOV Valery Ivanovich

Sanctioned entity
FLUSTIKOV Valery Ivanovich is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameFLUSTIKOV Valery Ivanovich · Valery Flyustikov · Valery Ivanovich FLYUSTIKOV[sources]
Other nameValeri Flioustikov · Валерий Иванович Флюстиков · Валерий Флюстиков · ФЛЮСТІКОВ Валерій Іванович · ФЛЮСТИКОВ Валерий Иванович · 1 more...[sources]
Birth datenot available[sources]
First nameValery[sources]
KeywordsВище військове керівництво рф · Військові[sources]
Last nameFLYUSTIKOV · Flyustikov[sources]
Wikidata IDQ111677377[sources]
PositionCommander of the Special Operations Forces of the Russian Armed Forces · Командувач Силами спеціальних операцій Збройних Сил Росії · Командующий Силами специальных операций Вооруженных Сил России[sources]
Created at[sources]
Modified on[sources]


Commander of the Special Operations Forces

New Zealand Russia Sanctions non-official source,

Russian military commander

Wikidata non-official source,


AuthorityProgramStart dateEnd date
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade--
CountryNew Zealand[sources]
AuthorityMinistry of Foreign Affairs and Trade[sources]
Programnot available[sources]
Start date[sources]
End datenot available[sources]
ReasonInvolved in the undermining of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity[sources]
Scope of sanctionsAircraft Ban · Asset Freeze · Dealing with Securities · Service Prohibition · Ship Ban · 1 more...[sources]
Data sources New Zealand Russia Sanctions
Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation · UKRussia-
CountryUnited Kingdom[sources]
AuthorityOffice of Financial Sanctions Implementation · UK[sources]
Start date[sources]
End datenot available[sources]
Authority-issued identifierRUS1364[sources]
Listing date[sources]
ReasonMajor General Valery FLYUSTIKOV is the Commander of the Special Operations Forces of the Russian Armed Forces. He is considered to have been either in direct command of and/or otherwise involved in deployment of Russian forces involved in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are therefore reasonable grounds to suspect that FLYUSTIKOV is an involved person because he is responsible for, engages in, provides support for, or promotes any policy or action which destabilises Ukraine or undermines or threatens the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine.[sources]
StatusAsset Freeze Targets[sources]
Modified on[sources]
Data sources UK OFSI Consolidated List of Targets
Global Affairs CanadaRussia / Russie--
AuthorityGlobal Affairs Canada[sources]
ProgramRussia / Russie[sources]
Start datenot available[sources]
End datenot available[sources]
Authority-issued identifier772[sources]
Data sources Canadian Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions

Data sources

New Zealand Russia Sanctions1,267

The New Zealand government's list of people and companies sanctioned in relation to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

New Zealand · Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade · non-official source

UK OFSI Consolidated List of Targets3,652

The United Kingom's consolidated international sanctions list.

United Kingdom · Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation · non-official source

Canadian Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions3,170

Sanctions imposed by Canada on specific countries, organizations, or individuals under the Special Economic Measures Act (SEMA) and JVCFOA.

Canada · Global Affairs Canada · non-official source

Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker10,034

A list of suggested Russia-related sanctions targets composed by the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency.

Ukraine · National Agency on Corruption Prevention · non-official source

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