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Aleksei Zakharov

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Aleksei Zakharov is a family member or associate of a politically exposed person. They have not been found on international sanctions lists.
NameAleksei Zakharov · Aleksey Jurevitsj Zacharov · Aleksey Zakharov · Alexei Jurjewitsch Sacharow · Zakharov Alexey Yurievich · 2 more...[sources]
Other nameAleksei Zakharov · Aleksey Yuryevich Zakharov · Alexei Sacharow · Алексей Юрьевич Захаров · Захаров Алексей Юрьевич[sources]
Birth date[sources]
Place of birthArkhangelsk[sources]
NationalityRussia · Soviet Union[sources]
First nameAlexey[sources]
Last nameZakharov[sources][sources]
Wikidata IDQ15066899[sources]
PositionKey ‘siloviki’ (security forces) figures · Ключевые силовики[sources]
EducationSaratov State Academy of Law[sources]
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Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. Deputy head of the federal state body that provides legal protection for the Russian political regime and refused to protect the rule of law in the context of the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine.

ACF List of War Enablers non-official source,

Husband of Shoigu's daughter. Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation

ACF List of War Enablers non-official source,


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