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Valery Bolotov

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Valery Bolotov is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below. They are also a politically exposed person.
NameBOLOTOV Valery Dmitrovich · BOLOTOV, Valery · Bolotov Valerii Dmytrovych · Bolotov Valeriy Dmitrievich · Valeri Bolotov · 22 more...[sources]
Other nameBolotov Valeriy Dmytrovych · Valeri BOLOTOV · Valeri Dmítrievitx Bólotov · Valerij Bolotov · Valerij Dimitrijevitj Bolotov · 9 more...[sources]
Birth date · [sources]
Place of birthStakhanov, Lugansk · Taganrog · м. Луганськ · スタハノフ(ウクライナ)[sources]
Death date[sources]
NationalitySoviet Union · Ukraine · Luhansk (Occupied Ukraine)[sources]
First nameValeri · Valeriy · Valery · Валерий · Валерій[sources]
KeywordsОкупаційна «влада» та колаборанти[sources]
Last nameBOLOTOV · Bolotov · Болотов[sources]
Passport numberЕЕ302092 · ЕН407390[sources]
PatronymicDmitrievich · Dmytrovych · Дмитриевич · Дмитрович[sources]
Wikidata IDQ16745486[sources]
PositionFormer leader of the illegal armed group "LPR" · Head of the Luhansk People's Republic (2014-2014) · Self-proclaimed “the Head of the Luhansk People’s Republic” · Бывший лидер незаконного вооруженного формирования «ЛНР» · Колишній лідер незаконного збройного формування «ЛНР» · 3 more...[sources]
Addressм. Луганськ, просп. 50 років Жовтня, 6а (кв. 105)[sources]
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One of the leaders of the separatist group "Army of the South-East" which occupied the building of the Security Service in the Lugansk region. Retired officer. Before seizing the building he and other accomplices possessed arms apparently supplied illegally from Russia and from local criminal groups.

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes,

eastern Ukrainian political figure

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