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Irina Aleksandrovna Shoigu

Debarred entity · Person of interest · Close Associate · Sanctioned entity
Irina Aleksandrovna Shoigu is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below.
NameIRINA ALEKSANDROVNA SHOIGU · Irina Aleksandrovna Shoigu · Irina Alexandrovna Šojguová · Irina Shoigu (Shoygu) · Irina Shoigú · 11 more...[sources]
Other nameIrina Aleksandrovna Antipina · Irina Aleksandrovna Shoygu · Irina Aleksandrovna Xoigú · Irina Alexandrovna Antipinová · Irina Antipinová · 8 more...[sources]
Birth date[sources]
Place of birthKrasnoyarsk · Krasnoyarsk, Russia[sources]
NationalityRussia · Soviet Union[sources]
First nameIRINA ALEKSANDROVNA · Irina · ИРИНА · Ирина[sources]
Last nameAntipina · SHOIGU · Shoigu · Shoygu · ШОЙГУ · 1 more...[sources]
Registration numberQP2WEDNB2NC1[sources]
Tax Number503201763587[sources]
Wikidata IDQ17287325[sources]
PositionWife of Sergey Shoigu · セルゲイ・ショイグの妻[sources]
Created at[sources]
Modified on[sources]
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Wife of S.K. Shoigu.

ACF List of War Enablers non-official source,

wife of Sergey Shoygu

Wikidata non-official source,


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