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Viktor Medvedchuk

Political · Sanctioned entity
Viktor Medvedchuk is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below. They are also a politically exposed person.
NameMEDVEDCHUK Viktor Volodymyrovich · MEDVEDCHUK, Viktor · Medvedchuk Viktor Volodymyrovych · Viktor MEDVEDCHUK · Viktor Medvedchuk · 29 more...[sources]
Other nameMedvedchuk Victor Vladimirovich · Medvedchuk Viktor · Medvedchuk Víctor Vladimirovich · Medvedtchouk Victor Vladimirovitch · Medwedschuk · 33 more...[sources]
Birth date · [sources]
Place of birthPochet · Pochyot, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia · Почет, Красноярский край, Россия · Почет, Красноярський край, Росія[sources]
NationalityRussia · Soviet Union · Ukraine[sources]
CountryRussia · Ukraine[sources]
First nameViktor · Viktor · Viktor Volodymyrovich[sources]
KeywordsNational government · Окупаційна «влада» та колаборанти[sources]
Last nameMEDVEDCHUK · Medvedchuk[sources]
Second nameVolodymyrovich[sources]
Wikidata IDQ1859524[sources]
PositionBusinessman, former head of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party · Head of the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine (2002-2005) · People's Deputy of Ukraine (1997-1998) · People's Deputy of Ukraine (1998-2002) · People's Deputy of Ukraine (2002-2002) · 5 more...[sources]
EducationDoctor of Juridical Science (1997) · Faculty of Law of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv[sources]
ReligionUkrainian Orthodox Church[sources]
AddressУкраїна, м. Київ, вул. Медвинська, буд. 24 · м. Київ, вул. Медвинська, 24[sources]
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Member of the Parliament of Ukraine. Chairman of the pro-Russian political party ‘Opposition Platform - For Life’ since November 2018. Chairman of the Pro-Russian political organisation Ukrainian Choice, a group which has tried to undermine democratic processes in Ukraine. Has provided support to former President Yanukovych.

Australian Sanctions Consolidated List,

Close associate of Vladimir PUTIN

New Zealand Russia Sanctions,

Pro-Russian politician in Ukraine, lawyer and businessman

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