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Russian statesman, lawyer, TV presenter, writer. Publicly supported Russia's aggression against Ukraine, actively disseminated information justifying waging a war of aggression

Decree of the President of Ukraine from 24.06.2021 №265/2021

Указ Президента України від 24.06.2021 №265/2021

Указ Президента Украины от 24.06.2021 №265/2021

Russian lawyer and politician

Assets and shares
AssetPercentage heldStart dateEnd date
The Bar Association of the City of Moscow ‘Barschevsky and Partners’--
AssetThe Bar Association of the City of Moscow ‘Barschevsky and Partners’[raw]
Percentage heldnot available[raw]
Start date[raw]
End datenot available[raw]
Data sources
AuthorityProgramStart dateEnd date
National Security and Defense Councilвідмова в наданні та скасування віз резидентам іноземних держав, застосування інших заборон в’їзду на територію України
AuthorityNational Security and Defense Council[raw]
Programвідмова в наданні та скасування віз резидентам іноземних держав, застосування інших заборон в’їзду на територію України[raw]
Start date[raw]
End date[raw]
SummaryТри роки[raw]
Data sources Ukraine National Security Sanctions

Data sources

Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker7,407

A list of suggested Russia-related sanctions targets composed by the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency.

Ukraine · National Agency on Corruption Prevention

RuPEP Public Database of PEPs in Russia and Belarus7,220

RuPEP is a detailed database of politically exposed persons in Russia and Belarus maintained by qualified researchers

Global · RuPEP

Ukraine National Security Sanctions5,452

List of individuals and legal entities subject to restrictive measures.

Ukraine · National Security and Defense Council

ACF List of bribetakers and warmongers6,445

A list of key Russian decision-makers from government and business composed by ACF/FBK, the anti-corruption investigative organization founded by Alexei Navalny

Global · Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF)

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ASTAKHOV Pavlo Oleksiiovych · Astakhov Pavel Alekseevich · Pavel Alekseevich Astakhov · Pavel Astakhov · Астахов Павел Алексеевич · 2 more...

Russia · Soviet Union

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Doctor of Law · FSB Academy · KGB · University of Pittsburgh · University of Pittsburgh School of Law

[raw]First name
Pavel · Павел



[raw]Last name
Astakhov · Астахов

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[raw]Other name
Astahov Pavel Alekseevich · Astahov Pavel Alekseevič · Astakhov Pavel Alekseevich · Astakhov Pavel Alexeevich · Astaxov Pavel Alekseevich · 17 more...

Alekseevich · Алексеевич

[raw]Place of birth
Moscow · Moscow, Russia · Москва · г. Москва, РФ · м. Москва · 1 more...

Administration of the President (Children's Rights Ombudsman under the President of Russia) · Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation (2009-2016) · Public supporters of Putin · Sellout opinion leaders · The Commissioner for the Rights of the Child under the President of the Russian Federation has been practicing law since November 2016. · 4 more...

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Domestic Politically Exposed Person

Politician · Sanctioned entity

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