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Ruben Vardanyan

Person of interest · Politican · Sanctioned entity
Ruben Vardanyan is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below. They are also a politically exposed person.
NameRuben Karlenovich Vardanyan · Ruben Karlenowitsch Wardanjan · Ruben Vardanian · Ruben Vardanjan · Ruben Vardanyan · 11 more...[sources]
Other nameRuben K. Vardanian · Ruben K. Vardanjan · Ruben Karleni Vardanjan · Ruben Karleni Vardanyan · Ruben Karlenovich Vardanyan · 13 more...[sources]
Birth date[sources]
Place of birthYerevan · Yerevan, Armenian SSR, USSR · Ереван, Армянская ССР, СССР · м. Єреван, Арянська РСР, СРСР[sources]
NationalityArmenia · Russia · Soviet Union[sources]
CountryNagorno-Karabakh · Russia[sources]
First nameRuben[sources]
KeywordsNational government · Керівництво логістичних компаній[sources]
Last nameVartanian[sources][sources]
Wikidata IDQ4103721[sources]
PositionMember of the Board of Directors of "Volga-Dnepr" LLC · State Minister of Artsakh (2022-2023) · Член Ради директорів ТОВ "Волга-Дніпро" · Член Совета директоров ООО «Волга-Днепр» · член ради директорів товариства з обмеженою відповідальністю «Волга-Дніпро»[sources]
EducationHarvard Business School · Harvard University · Moscow State University[sources]
AddressРеспубліка Вірменія, м. Єреван[sources]
Created at[sources]
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One of the richest people in Russia, known as the founder of the Troika Dialog investment company and one of the ideological inspirers of Skolkovo and other innovations. Vardanian paid Minnikhanov a total of $43.4 million as a bribe

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Armenian businessman

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