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Grigory Borisovich KARASIN

Person of interest · Diplomat · Politician · Sanctioned entity
Grigory Borisovich KARASIN is subject to sanctions. See the individual program listings below. They are also a politically exposed person.
NameGrigori Karasin · Grigori Karassin · Grigorij Borisovitj KARASIN · Grigory Borisovich KARASIN · Grigory Borisovich Karasin · 15 more...[sources]
Other nameGrigory Borisovich Karasin · KARASIN GRIGORY · Григорий Борисович КАРАСИН · Григорий Борисович Карасин · Григорий Карасин · 8 more...[sources]
Birth date[sources]
Place of birthMoscow · Moscow Russia · Moscow, Russia · Російська Федерація, м. Москва · г. Москва, Россия · 1 more...[sources]
First nameGrigori · Grigory · Grigory Borisovich · Grigory Borisovich · Григорий[sources]
KeywordsNational government · Держдума, Рада Федерації та члени їх сімей · Фізичні особи під санкціями ЄС[sources]
Last nameKARASIN · Karasin · КАРАСИН · Карасин[sources]
PatronymicBorisovich · Борисович[sources]
Second nameBorisovich[sources]
Wikidata IDQ4214210[sources]
PositionMember of the Federation Council · Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation · Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation · Members of Parliament and Senate · Senator of the Russian Federation, representative in the Federation Council from the Sakhalin Region · 8 more...[sources]
EducationMSU The Institute of Asian and African Studies[sources]
Address26 Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, Moscow, Russia, 103426[sources]
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Senator of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Australian Sanctions Consolidated List,

Member of the Federation Council who ratified the government decisions on the ‘Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the Russian Federation and the Donetsk People's Republic and between the Russian Federation and the Luhansk People’s Republic’

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes,

Membre du Conseil de la Fédération ayant ratifié les décisions du gouvernement concernant le "traité d'amitié, de coopération et d'assistance mutuelle entre la Fédération de Russie et la République populaire de Donetsk et entre la Fédération de Russie et la République populaire de Louhansk".

French Freezing of Assets,

Member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

New Zealand Russia Sanctions,

Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (upper house of the federal parliament). This state body is responsible for the political and legal support of the aggressive war against Ukraine, which included issuing permission for the use of Russian military forces outside the territory of Russia.

ACF List of bribetakers and warmongers non-official source,

Russian diplomat

Wikidata non-official source,


Data sources

ACF List of bribetakers and warmongers7,961

A list of key Russian decision-makers from government and business composed by ACF/FBK, the anti-corruption investigative organization founded by Alexei Navalny

Russia · Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF) · non-official source

Ukraine NABC Sanctions Tracker39,890

A list of suggested Russia-related sanctions targets composed by the Ukrainian anti-corruption agency.

Ukraine · National Agency on Corruption Prevention

Belgian Financial Sanctions6,321

Belgium extends the European FSF sanctions list on the basis of a national terrorist list, issued by the National Security Council

Belgium · Federal Public Service Finance

Ukraine NSDC State Register of Sanctions17,122

List of individuals and legal entities subject to restrictive measures.

Ukraine · National Security and Defense Council

US Trade Consolidated Screening List (CSL)18,949

The Consolidated Screening List (CSL) is a list of parties for which the United States Government maintains restrictions on certain exports, reexports, or transfers of items.

United States · Department of the Commerce - International Trade Administration

UK HMT/OFSI Consolidated List of Targets5,929

The United Kingom's consolidated international sanctions list.

United Kingdom · Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation

UK FCDO Sanctions List4,430

UK sanctions collated by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

United Kingdom · Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

French Freezing of Assets6,298

The register lists all persons, entities and vessels subject to asset freezing measures in force on French territory, pursuant to national, European and international (UN) provisions.

France · Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Recovery

EU Financial Sanctions Files (FSF)6,061

As part of the Common Foreign Security Policy the European Union publishes a sanctions list that is implemented by all member states.

European Union · European External Action Service

Canadian Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions4,257

Sanctions imposed by Canada on specific countries, organizations, or individuals under the Special Economic Measures Act (SEMA) and JVCFOA

Canada · Global Affairs Canada

Australian Sanctions Consolidated List4,093

The Consolidated List is a list of all persons and entities who are subject to targeted financial sanctions under Australian sanctions law

Australia · Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

US OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List29,211

The primary United States' sanctions list, specially designated nationals (SDN) part.

United States · Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

Wikidata Entities of Interest3,929

Persons of interest profiles from Wikidata, the structured data version of Wikipedia.

Wikidata · non-official source

EU Consolidated Travel Bans3,894

Consolidated information about individuals who have been banned from traveling to the European Union, released as part of the EU Sanctions Map.

European Union · Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU

Wikidata Politically Exposed Persons183,727

Profiles of politically exposed persons from Wikidata, the structured data version of Wikipedia.

Wikidata · non-official source

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes8,008

Switzerland manages a sanctions lists with a high degree of detail on the individuals that are subject to it's embargoes

Switzerland · State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

New Zealand Russia Sanctions1,699

The New Zealand government's list of people and companies sanctioned in relation to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

New Zealand · Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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