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Hakimullah Mehsud

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Hakimullah Mehsud is a person of interest. They have not been found on international sanctions lists.
NameHakimullah Mahsud · Hakimullah Mehsud · Хакимулла Мехсуд · חכימוללה מחסוד · حكيم الله محسود · 6 more...[sources]
Other nameHakeemullah Mehsud · Jamshed Mehsud · Мехсуд, Хакимулла · حکیم الله محسود · حکیم اللہ محسود Mehsud[sources]
Weak aliasZulfiqar[sources]
Birth date[sources]
Place of birthBannu[sources]
Death date[sources]
Country of birthPakistan[sources]
First nameHakeemullah · Hakimullah · حکیم اللہ محسود[sources]
Wikidata IDQ732375[sources]
Position1er Emir de Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (2009-2013)[sources]
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Reportedly born in South Waziristan, Pakistan, and believed to be residing in Pakistan. Leader of Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) (QE.T.132.11.), an organization based in the tribal areas along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes,

Emir in Pakistan

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