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EMRAH ERDOGAN · ERDOGAN, Emrah · Emrah Erdogan · Emrah ErdoğanGermany · Turkey
NameEMRAH ERDOGAN · ERDOGAN, Emrah · Emrah Erdogan · Emrah Erdoğan[raw]
Birth date · · [raw]
CountryGermany · Turkey[raw]
Created at[raw]
First nameEmrah[raw]
ID NumberC700RKL8R4[raw]
Last nameErdogan[raw]
Modified on[raw]
NotesFormer foreign terrorist fighter affiliated with Al-Qaida (QDe.004) in North Waziristan, Pakistan (2010-2011) and with Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujaahidiin (Al-Shabaab) in Somalia (2011-2012). Convicted to seven years of imprisonment by the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt/Main, Germany in 2014. Physical description: eye colour brown, hair colour brown, build: strong, weight: 92 kg, height: 176 cm, birthmark on right back. · Mother’s name: Emine Erdogan. Father’s name: Sait Erdogan. · deutscher Terrorist, Mitglied der terroristischen Vereinigungen "al-Qaida" und "al-Shabaab"[raw]
Other nameAL-KURDI, Salahuddin · אמראה ארדוע'אן · إمراه أردوغان[raw]
Place of birthKarliova · Karlıova · Turkey[raw]
TopicsTerrorism · Sanctioned entity[raw]
Weak aliasImraan · Imraan Al-Kurdy · Imran · Imran ibn Hassan · Ismatollah · Ismatullah · Ismatullah Al Kurdy · Salah Aldin · Salahaddin Al Kudy · Salahaddin Al-Kurdy · Salahaddin El Kurdy · Salahuddin al-Kurdi · Sulaiman[raw]
Wikidata IDQ23639020[raw]
Data sources Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes · · · ·

Data sources

Swiss SECO Sanctions/Embargoes4,769

Switzerland manages a sanctions lists with a high degree of detail on the individuals that are subject to it's embargoes.

Switzerland · State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)

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Werl Prison

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Werl Prison