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Stadshusgången 2, Solna

Located there
GRANFALK, PehrSweden
NameGRANFALK, Pehr[raw]
Nationalitynot available[raw]
Birth datenot available[raw]
Created at[raw][raw]
First namePehr[raw]
KeywordsCompetition · Employment and social affairs · Enterprise · Internal market · Regional policy · Research and innovation[raw]
Last nameGRANFALK[raw]
PositionMember of Solna Municipal Council[raw]
SectorCommission for Economic Policy (ECON) · Commission for Natural Resources (NAT)[raw]
Data sources Members of the European Commitee of the Regions

Data sources

Members of the European Commitee of the Regions631

​The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) represents local and regional authorities across the European Union and advises on new laws that have an impact on regions and cities.

European Union · European Committee of the Regions

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[raw]Full address
Stadshusgången 2, Solna


[raw]Street address
Stadshusgången 2