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adb-b8e69bff892cbb2e8036d6b1786d3ec0aed778a6LegalEntity:nameMandala Agricultural Development Corporation (Madecor) (Madecor affiliates, including, but not limited to: (1)Community- Based Resources Management Systems Foundation (COBARMS); (2) Dessau Soprin Madecor (DSM), Inc.; (3) Forest Industries resources Systems and Technologies, Inc. (FIRST); (4) International Manpower Resources Services, Inc. (IMaRSI); (5) Kaalalay Foundation, Inc.; (6) Madecor Environmental Management Services, Inc. (MEMSI); (7) Madecor Environmental Management Systems; (8) Madecor Group; (9) Madecor Hill Development and Management Corporation; (10) Madecor Livestock, Inc.; (11) Madecor Plantation Svcs., Inc.; (12) Madecor Scientific and Specialty Products,Inc. (13) Makiling Plant and Products Exchange, Inc. (MPPE); and (14) Tree Care and Maintenance Services Foundation, Inc. (TREE CARE); and (15) Asian Institute of Development Studies, Inc. (AIDSI).adb_sanctionsadb-b8e69bff892cbb2e8036d6b1786d3ec0aed778a6
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