Armenia public officials and associates by Hetq Online

List of Armenian public officials and their family members.

This dataset lists Armenian parliamentarians and other high-ranking officials and their associates compiled by Hetq Online. The data covers the period from 2011 to 2019.

The data has been collected from the Armenian parliamentary website as well as income and asset declarations submitted by officials.

The data has been archived from the data.hetq.am API on 2024-04-22.

Data overview

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Publisher:Hetq Online (Armenia) non-official source

Hetq Online is an Armenian investigative journalism organization and news portal. Hetq Online has been published in Yerevan since 2001 by the Association of Investigative Journalists NGO. In 2004 the organization re-registered as the Investigative Journalists NGO. Initially publishing content in Armenian, Hetq Online has also been publishing its articles and investigations in the English language since 2002. data.hetq.am is a supplement to Hetq data journalism. Launched in 2019, it seeks to make data from official and non-official sources available and reusable for the public at large.

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Recent additions

The following targeted entities have been added to this data source most recently:

Kocharyan Alfred GagikPersonArmenia
Hunanyan Ani HunanPersonArmenia
Hovhannisyan Avetis HovhannesPersonArmenia
Mkrtchyan Gagik LenvelPersonArmenia
Ohanyan Anna VladimirPersonArmenia
Kharatyan Armine AshotPersonArmenia
Hayrapetyan Zaruhi GhevondPersonArmenia
Hambaryan Tsovinar VigenPersonArmenia
Nanyan Eduard GeorgiPersonArmenia
Hovhannisyan Lusine AvetikPersonArmenia
Mkrtchyan Meri GagikPersonArmenia
Hakobyan Lilit SahakPersonArmenia
Gevorgyan Heghine GagikPersonArmenia
Khachatryan Tigran ApavenPersonArmenia
Muradyan Samvel ParuyrPersonArmenia