Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

A politically exposed person (PEP) is a person that has been entrusted with a prominent public function. PEPs include elected officials and members of government.

This collection contains data about politically exposed persons (PEPs) from multiple sources. We include lists of office-holders both directly from official sources like governments and also from third-party sources that have been aggregated by other organizations.

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Data sources32

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) is a collection dataset which bundles together entities from the following sources:

Argentina Members of ParliamentArgentina258
Brazil Politically Exposed PersonsBrazil135,018
Cayman Islands Members of ParliamentCayman Islands62
Cayman Islands senior judicial officersCayman Islands20
CIA World Factbook heads of state and governmentUnited States1,211
CIA World LeadersUnited States11,121
Colombia Joining the Dots PEPsColombia188
Colombian Administrative Department of Public Service PEP DeclarationsColombia9,934
Estonia Members of the RiigikoguEstonia102
EU Prominent Public FunctionsEuropean Union1,392
Every Politician59,129
Hong Kong Principal OfficialsHong Kong SAR China52
Indonesia 2018 Regional Head Election ResultsIndonesia652
Lithuania Members of the SeimasLithuania141
Members of German Legislatures from AbgeordnetenWatchGermany2,647
Members of the European Commitee of the RegionsEuropean Union611
Members of the European ParliamentEuropean Union921
Members of the Hong Kong Legislative CouncilHong Kong SAR China189
Members of the National Assembly of VenezuelaVenezuela274
Members of the Parliament of CubaCuba471
Members of the United States CongressUnited States1,255
Mexico's governorsMexico91
Mexico's senatorsMexico128
Nigeria Joining the Dots PEPs and PEP RelativesNigeria4,403
Nigerian Politically Exposed Persons data by ChipperNigeria42,766
North Macedonia elected and appointed officialsNorth Macedonia9,507
PEPs from Chile interest and asset declarationsChile6,707
Plural Legislators (formerly OpenStates)United States11,521
RuPEP Public Database of PEPs in Russia and BelarusRussia86,258
Uruguayan Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)Uruguay6,814
US State Department Senior OfficialsUnited States593
Wikidata Politically Exposed Persons175,835